The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Oh Girls!

Thanks for crying with me and encouraging me. Your words are balm to me. It really does make a difference, even through internet cables. I'm feeling better now and have adjusted my focus. It's so dang easy to focus on the circumstances and rehearse the facts (both of them! ...just kidding--really, read me in a much better mood tonight!) rather than focusing on God. Guess it's time to memorize some Scripture and start rehearsing that instead.

In my melancholy yesterday, I could only remember the "Hope deferred makes the heart sick" half of the Proverb and the "Dreams Deferred" part of the poem. Maybe now I'll memorize the second half of the Proverb and the last line of the poem. Now that I'm adjusted, that explosion looks like Pence bounding onto the scene (this scene, here in my family room!) rather than me splatter my guts upon an unsuspecting, well-meaning inquistor. (If you're local, I do appreciate your asking after things--I just feel guilty that I don't have much to tell you most of the time!)

So, Thursday is Date Night around here and we went to look at some dressers I found on-line for Pea's room. No dice. Not so nice. :( I really had high hopes for that one...

After striking out, we were near the dollar theatre, so we decided to make this an average American date and see a flick. We had limited selection as it was already 7:10, and wound up at "Meet The Robinsons." My first impressions are that it was cute and entertaining and generally positive in it's approach to adoption issues. There are plenty of more thoughtful reviewers out there, so I'll let you seek them out. I never remember any movie 30 minutes after it ends anyway. Sorry about that. I have Scriptures to memorize and can't have movies taking up all the good parking spots in there.

On the way home, Aaron mentioned something about building Pea a dresser himself. Ya know, after he finishes the boys' beds and my shoe-organizer-front-hall-benchy thingus. Yeah, then. So, we looked up his idol's website (obviously, it's Norm from New Yankee Workshop, I can't believe you had to ask!), and looked for measured drawings of dressers. There were only two possibilities, and the one I really liked looked much to difficult for my dear amatuer (as if the bunk beds we designed were any piece of cake!). He came over to check out my choices and he agreed that it was the more beautiful of the two. We looked a little further and have determined that it can't be that much harder than the beds and we'll order the plans and DVD. Here's Norm's version:
Now, I have to tinker a bit, because that's what I do. I never find anything just the way I want it, so I have to make my own little revisions. (I'm working on not doing this to people any more!) So, imagine another small drawer on top, like a duplicate of the existing top drawer right above or below it. And, get rid of those blah brass pulls. I'm thinking something feminine and romantic, maybe glass knobs. We haven't determined what kind of wood we'll make it out of yet, but the drawer fronts will be veneered with bubinga, just like the boys' beds! Here's a picture of bubinga. It's a West African wood, which is super special too.

And, I also wanted to mention to y'all this interesting article I was reading today. It's called Modesty Revisited by Wendy Shalit and it's about how our society's denial of the need for modesty has been a source of it's corruption and has weakened, rather than strengthened, women of this immodest society. Good stuff to chew on, whether you agree wholeheartedly, disagree with all your being, or fall somewhere in between. Just something I haven't thought much about, so found interesting.


Ginger said...

Great article about modesty. That's a big issue in our family. My girls see a woman in a bikini on a magazine and say with shocked faces: Mommy, that lady is NOT modest! :D
If women only knew what torture it causes godly men, they wouldn't dress in such "sexy" ways.
Your blog is a blessing!

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