The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Confessions of a Slacker

Every once in a while, the housework bug bites me. Not very often, but here and there I can get myself into a house-cleaning frenzy. Sometimes it's a way of relieving stress, seeing my accomplishments materialize before my eyes. Sometimes the clutter and nastage just mounts up and horrifies me (because, you know, I just do the bare minimum to get by between bites). Other times it's truly inexplicable. I do, of course, go into the typical cleaning frenzy when there are people coming, but that's different.

Well, today is one of those days. I think it's a combination of stress-relief and admitting I have a problem. So, I threw all of Punk's toys hap-hazardly into bins (we'll talk organization later--we have to purge the toy-collection with his birthday and his sissy coming soon) and vacuumed the whole family room--including underneath the couch cushions! I don't have a regular laundry day--I just do it when it needs to be done (which is roughly weekly) so I've got laundry in both machines. I'm even planning on taking the covers off the couch cushions and washing them (Punk spilled oatmeal all over one recently and goodness knows what else is embedded in, or worse yet, living in those things!). I got out the SpotBot and tackled a couple of carpet stains. And, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor. All before 1 PM (I'm not dressed yet, but what's the point when I'm just getting sweaty and gross and all the clothes are in the laundry anyhow).

And, who says kids don't appreciate what you do for them. I was sweeping the kitchen while Punk was finishing his lunch. "Wow Mom! You are really good at that! You are doing a really good job sweeping!" Uh, thanks little dude. Maybe I've been a little overly generous with the praise lately?!

So, where do you register for a housekeeper as a shower gift?! Really, I SOOO wouldn't be insulted. I'd be really thrilled. She (whoever she might be) might be a little chagrined at having to work here, but me, I'd be thrilled.

And lest you think I'm overstating the condition of my home, here's photographic proof. First my sweep pile ("EEW Mom! Look at that carrot! It's all dirty! Hey--there's my straw--from my cup! Can I have it?!) and then the mop bucket.

Oh, and by the way, I didn't choose the flooring. And, yes, I know that is bathroom linoleum throughout my entire kitchen. And, yes, that raspberry jello carpet runs throughout the entire rest of the house (with the blessed exception of the bedrooms). But, hey, it makes a really nice compliment to the cottage cheese ceilings.

Well, I'll keep chipping away at the laundry, but I'm pretty satisfied otherwise. I think I'll go take a bath now. That's what I usually do during Punk's naps. And, smart me, I'm washing all the clothes in cold so I'll have a nice warm bath. Mmmmmm. I deserve it! (this once anyhow)


Ginger said...

We sweep 3x/ week (by "we", I mean the big kids) and our sweep pile always looks just like that. Only, there are always several hair clips.
Oh! A tip if you're interested: I no longer use a mop bucket (by "I" I mean the kids). I dilute the cleaning solution and put it in a spray bottle. Spray a small area, mop it, spray another area, mop it. Rinse out the mop a few time during the trip. You never have to mop with dirty water! Teach that cute boy of yours to mop after you sweep! He'd love it!

amber said...

I laughed when I read your post today. I do the same thing ... I put the cleaning off and then one day wake up with determination and get on a ROLL. Its my "cleaning groove" -- I just start like a crazy lady cleaning full speed and go from one thing to the next -- I also often realize after a few hours that I havent gotten dressed yet or even washed my face (eww, I know, but heaven-forbid I throw off my groove!) I wonder if they have a 'frenzied house-cleaners anonymous'? :)

Becky said...

Just wanted you to know that I am a regular reader. I'm here daily to get my Rachel's Blatherings fix. Don't want to be accused of being a stalker. : )

Anonymous said...

If my two girls saw the color of your carpet they would say,"oooohhh! Mommie???...ohhh, can we get that carpet??"

My homestudy housecleaning should take me through the rest of the summer...heehee. When my aunt was vacuuming under the cushions, she found Christmas stuff there. Actually, I think Christmas was the last time the house was really cleaned!

Here's another topic: Who irons everything as they wear it, or as it is laundered? My aunt and mom iron in big batches... I iron IF!!! something really looks wrinkled. EXCEPTION: Greg's dress shirts for work... he does a GREAT! job on those!!


Tarah said...

:) My sweeping pile is that big three times a week too. Jack tried to recycle things from the pile last week as I grabbed the dust pan. Yummy cheerios can't go away- rubber bands are still fun- and the crumbs like to be scattered, not in a pile!
Wait till all the kids are home. YOu will have LOTS more cleaning!

Brandi said...

Are you still sweeping? Haven't heard from you all week!

Tami said...

Another confession of another slacker... I love being around other slackers - I feel right at home!

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