The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

22 Days

I won't be counting down (publicly) every day, but I just came to the stunning realization that in 22 days, I'll be boarding a plane headed to Africa! Wowza! I have always wanted to go to Africa, but I never dreamed it would be anything like this trip. I've been so consumed with all the details and emotions surrounding our life-changing move to WI, that I've barely given a moment's attention to the fact that WE'RE GOING TO AFRICA--and that BEFORE we move to WI. I better get my focus reset--for both goals. Whew.

I started gathering our packet to send out for our Visas to Liberia. And printed a packing list. Now the serious packing (for Africa, the garage sale, and the move) begins. Yikes. If you don't see me much, I'm sure you can figure out at least one reason why! Hee hee!

Today's tasks include grocery shopping, mailing Punk's 3 year old portraits, and visiting the chiropractor (besides the packing and cleaning). Wahoo!

(Boy, this post probably knocked your socks off with it's totally exciting and entertaining content! No wonder I have an average of 3 comments per post!)


Jocelyn said...

count downs are fun!!! They help the time fly by. I actually have people email me if I don't post by noon...who would have thought that we would all be so interesting!!!

I can't wait to meet you in Liberia. I am so excited!



amber said...

well... you might not think your post is all that exciting... but, golly, gee whiz, your life sure is!!! Going Africa, moving across the country, taking over wonder woman's job... Yep, pretty darn exciting!!!


Jess said...

I guess I will keep your average up and not stalk you! Your adventure sounds exciting to me!

Brandi said...

Whatever with all those other comments. . .lame-o post! Just kidding! Now, I can't wait for your Africa posts when you're actually there!!!!

I am praying for a sound mind for the next 22 days. . .who knew that would be such a vital prayer for you! Just for kicks, you should republish your "my life is a bit boring right now" post. . . .ha ha!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey Rae - congrats on ALL your excitement. Man I wish I could buy your dishes - but I can't. Anyway - you don't have any mattresses your selling do you? Need another bed for our new daughter (13year old).

When is your garage sale?
Debbi Busack

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