The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Bad, Bad Blogger!!!

Oh, e-friends and stalkers! I hope you haven't given up on me. Uuugh.

A week from 7 hours ago I'll be on a plane taking off for AFRICA (well, Chicago, really, but AFRICA in the end!). Yes my mind is still boggled. I can't even say how I feel or what I think. My expectations are wide-open and I actually feel like I don't-know more than I know! Wheee!

So, let's see. Thursday night I went to an Essence of Romance party. Not exactly what I expected and definitely NOT Net Nanny approved! That's all I have to say about that. Publicly.

Friday I went to see a showing of "The Last Sin Eater" movie. Our women's ministry at church read the book for our summer book club and the movie showing was the grand finale. It was good. But, I way prefer the book. Except that the movie came with friends and strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm.

Saturday was the big garage sale. We got rid of a lot of stuff, one way or another. Boy, does the house feel empty.

The highlight of that day was a couple of the founders of the agency that did our homestudy (and oh, so much more!) for us came by. It was so nice to see them and they said they wanted to send us off. They gave us a card and a generous gift. I must have told Aaron more than a half-dozen times that I was just so blown away by their unlooked-for kindness. It was such a sweet blessing.

We had 3 "lookers" at the house on Saturday. And one came back for a second look with their teenage son! Then, we had an offer on Sunday, but we're not sure about whom it came from. We counter-offered. Then, we had another looker yesterday, and he brought his wife over later for another look. We're still waiting to hear whether our counter-offer was accepted. It's like playing a game show or something--you have an offer for x you want to keep it and walk away or take your chances with whatever's behind Door #2?!

Sunday we had our going-away party with our adopting-from-Africa group here. It didn't really feel like good-bye, which is sort of a relief. But, I'm really going to miss having that group around. Sigh. A couple of the parents created an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony for us. It was pretty cool and the baby girls were beyond description in their traditional clothes--too cute!

Oh, and in case you care, I have a mongo cold. Yep. It's nasty. Especially the sore throat. That and the fact that I exposed a gaggle of little kids to my germs on Sunday night! Uuurgh.

I'll try to not neglect you like this again--until I'm in AFRICA and can't help it! :)


Anonymous said...

OOOH!!! You're gonna sell your house this week!!! Yippie yi yay!!!

I loved Sin Eater so much..I was afraid to watch the movie in case it ruined it. Should I watch it?

Africa...!!! Wisconsin!!!!!!!!! Get rid of that cold!! Maybe some essence of vitamin c? Love, Denise

Brandi said...

Ok, we forgot to talk about the sex party. . .hmmmmm?!

7 days till Africa! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Sweet Siah and Spence, here they come! My stomach gets in knots just thinking about you seeing them for the first time. I don't think I'll be able to handle not being able to call you that day!


Alward Family said...

It sounds like you have good interest on your house which must be a huge relief!

I can't wait to read your posts when you get to Liberia!


Anonymous said...

we forgive you for the lack of posts, my goodness you have been busy!!! we got our girl home! she is soooooo sweet. cant wait til you have your kiddos in your arms. love, the other rachel (josie's mom)

Tarah said...

The party wasn't net nanny approvable??? I thought it pretty tame. hee hee JK. Sorry it wasn't what you thought it would be.
I had so much fun seeing you 3 days in a row!
I hope your cold gets better fast. :)

amber said...

I don't think its "bad, bad blogger"... just "busy, busy blogger"!! You've got one heck of an excuse for not posting!!!

Congrats on the house selling! Wahoo -- one more thing off your plate.

I can't wait to get some Africa posts, though... You know your stalkers are going to be checking every day while you're in Liberia!


Anonymous said...

Ummm, Essence of Romance party?? What is that? Can you share with us poor, homebound folk just what might happen at such a party?

Have a FABULOUS trip to Liberia. Hug those babies all you can. Then send pictures ;)

Patty in Chicago

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