The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

I See How It Is

Yeah, so I post pictures of the children and you all comment like crazy. Then, I tell you that my precious girlie has unleashed her heretofore untapped power of speech upon me and all I get is ONE (charming, sweet and well-deserved) comment? C'mon people. I s'pose you won't be interested in the fact that her vocabulary has now grown and my Sweetpea now graces us with such words as "Papa" (which she uses for Aaron and occasionally calls Punk), "Brah-rah" (which she occasionally calls Punk), "BayBee" (repeating Punk calling her such). Nor, I suppose, will you be impressed that I'm dusting off my old "Baby Signs" and teaching her "please", "more", and "thank you." Hmmph. I suppose you'll only be satisfied if I post more photos. Well, fine, have it your way then! My toddler girl and I can cop an attitude with the best of them.

First of all, since you people are so hard to please, I managed to get some pictures of the children playing (that's a relative term where Pea is concerned, as you shall see) in the snow. Pictures where the snow is obvious for those of you with small imaginations. Hmmmph.

Punk, obviously, totally loves the snow. Pea, on the other hand, not so much.
Do take note of the extremely adorable pink-boots-with-ladybugs that sweet Denise sent Pea for a "virtual baby shower" gift. Aren't they too much?!

Anywho...I learned that having so much fun in the winter wonderland that is northern Wisconsin can really tire out a little Liberian. I ushered the girlie inside to hang with Dadders in the office while Punky still wanted to play outside with me. A short while later, I'd had enough and came in to find this...

And, in true America's Next Top Model form, the close-up...

So, then another day, we were all playing on the bed (because there's not a lot of places to play in a two-room apartment). And, it looked like this...

You can hardly tell that one of us used to be an orphan and has only been in the fam for less than 3 weeks, huh?

And finally, I have a picture of Pea in the darling romper Tami sent me! Isn't it too sweet?! It's from the Product(Red) line that helps battle HIV/AIDS in Africa. I just love it--and all the more because it's from my dear friend back in Boise. Now, quick, let's change the subject before I get too homesick!

Oh, I forgot. Since that was the final picture, I can't change the subject. Guess I'll just have to indulge in a little homesickness for one night.


Faith said...

Wonderful Rae, just wonderful. And I LOVE seeing the snow too, much better :)
Blessings, Faith

Blu and Darbi said...

Love it!! I can't imagine what she thought of snow! Living in Texas, that's not something our new Liberian child will have to deal with much :) Great pics!

Darbi :)

Jen said...
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Brandi said...

Yes, apparently that is what everyone was waiting for since I am comment #4. . .let's just see if you get up to 23? he he!

I LOVE the pictures. Thank you for bowing under the pressure. Love the pink, she looks beautiful in pink. Love the Treasu(red) outfit. I'm so tempted to buy it but a friend told me not to. . .she better come through! Thanks also for showing snow in your snow pictures. . .that's just so weird to see since we all wore shorts yesterday! Poor little thing is probably wondering why that sand is so dang cold!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...
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Tarah said...
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Tama said...

Considering pictures are worth a thousand words...your ratio should be about even! HA!
What a cutie both of them are! Congrats!

Becky said...

GREAT photos! I'm glad your little beauty is coming out of her shell for you.

: ) Becky

Anonymous said...
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Jess said...

What sweet pictures and I love that romper!

Doug & Lily Bradley said...

YAY! photos !!! ;)

Jamie said...

Oh, I miss snow! I miss that area! Well, enjoy it;) Love the pictures! Sorry, I haven't checked blogs in awhile to see the one before this yet;)

Anonymous said...
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Ted and Lori said...

ok, no kidding--that ark is the coolest play structure I've ever seen. I'm dying to know where it came from. I know it's a huge favor, but could you tell me where this came from? (your kids are adorable by the way. I just found your blog today and love it :)

Tammy said...

Hey Rachel! Just wanted to confess that I have stayed up way too late now reading your blogs and laughing the whole way through! Thanks for being a bright spot in my day! I love and miss you so much! Thanks for sharing!

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