The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Nubian Knots

Pea sat still long enough for me to do a whole head-full of Nubian knots today. Aaron snapped these two shots. She looks like she's having lots of fun, doesn't she?! :) A couple of months ago we would have both been crying before it was all done. We've come a long way, baby! Not one tear from either of us and she actually wanted me to do the full head!

I think I really like the look of her hair "free" better--or with a couple puffs or something in front to make it look "done." The completed "Nubian knot" look is featured below. Her typical "free" hair is in virtually every other photo of her on this blog!
Really, what do you think? Is free hair just a cop out? Should I keep her hair "styled" all the time? Any votes for extensions? Just kidding.


Tennessee Mama Duck said...

I just found you today somehow. I too have an adopted daughter. I've been trying to figure out her hair for 6 years now!

One thing that I have learned is if you keep it "done" it grows faster! I don't think that is true for us, but it is true for them!

My biggest tip - "grease" her head and wrap it in a bandana at night. This helps moisturize it, but it also helps it stay neater all night!

If you look into some of my older blogs, I'm sure you'll see my struggles with this too!

I'll be checking back with you! Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

The Liberians always say that if plaiting the hair makes it grow. Maybe it is really true...

I almost always like the girls' hair in braids, or "fixed". The free look, as you call it ("open hair" according to the Liberians) seems too casual. I'm sure it has something to do with the Liberian in Liberia in some villages it is even considered immodest for a girl or woman to have "open hair".


Missy said...

love the knots
missy (aoh mamma/candle lady)

Anonymous said...

hey rae, can you give instructions on the nubian knots?? if not i can google it!!

good idea about the nicknames and love little peas hair beautiful. from rachel

p.s. my middle name is anne also!! how weird??? the name i made up for myself in middle school is rache (rhymes with papier mache) including french accent mark and it soooooooo didnt stick. so im still rachel from rachel h. (josie's mom)

Anonymous said...

black hair is obviously a different texture adn because of the coil it seems short. Unless the hair is healthy and moisturized properly it will break on the ends from bein brittle. As a black woman it is important to take care of our hair because of the legacy it carries. Im glad to see you trying new styles with her but be sure not to make her feel like a burden. Even my birth mother would unintentionally make me insecure about the kinks of my hair. I think the knots are adorable though. Pig tails are always an option and braids too.

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