The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Falling From Grace

I probably shouldn't admit this to all and sundry (some of you stalkers insist on keeping to yourselves), and what I'm about to confess will probably drive some of you from the bossom of my blogworld, but it was accident. It really, really was.

Did you know that Chi-Chi's sells bottled, pre-mixed mixed drinks? Yeah, like margaritas and pomegranate martinis. I think I overdid the martini tonight at dinner (which was really tasty and elegant and fast and easy, thanks to Rachael Ray--remind me to share sometime).

I feel like if I tip my head, it'll just keep tipping. I guess that's what they mean when they say tipsy, eh?

People actually LIKE feeling like this? And think they should DRIVE when they feel like this? Yipes. Dancing, on the other hand, I can see how dancing like this might be fun. If I could dance in the first place. Which I can't. So, actually, it'd probably be really, really ugly if I tried to dance right now.

I really am a naive, innocent 31 year old. And, I was a virgin on my wedding day (I was nearly 25). Am I the only one?

Mmmm. Gonna put my head on a pillow now. Hope I'm back to normal in the morning (I will be, right? You have to REALLY overdo it to have a hangover, right?). See how innocent and naive I am?!



Tarah said...

Drink LOTS of water NOW!!!! Take 5 Motrin and do NOT call me in the morning when you are sweaty and feel cotton mouth.

Thank you Lord the party days are gone!

Yea, some people think they can drive. Thankfully, lots get pulled off the road by cute cops.

Hey, were you at least really horny??? hee hee

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