The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Half-a-Post, But it's a Two-fer, So That's Okay

Editor's Note: First of all, check out the photo I added to "Where I've Been." You'll have to scroll all the way down to see it, but I finally sat my camera down with the computer so they could have a good chat through that cable-y thingy and so you all could see the most recent photos--of which I chose to display only that one, for now anyway. This is a GREAT group of gals who've been very supportive from the very beginning of our adoption journey. It was great to reconnect with them face-to-face even though we missed a couple; I also got to meet a couple new ones [blog-stalkers that they are].)

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got an opportunity to get out on my new bike. We strapped the kids into their helmets (shoulda got a pic!) and then strapped them some more into the trailer. And, then we strapped the trailer to Aaron's bike (you didn't think I was gonna lug it, did ya?!). And, finally, after strapping on our own helmets, we were off! (Alternate Title #1: Strapped)

We toodled around the country roads, gasping in the dust of the occassional car flying by. There's nothing quite like the grit-on-your-teeth of road-dust. Mmmm.

And while my handy-dandy shifts-itself K2 Easy Roller bike took all the worry out of my ride (see the little gadgety gear-box in the photo? That, my efriends and stalkers, is my bike's brain), I was left to think of you, my dedicated blog readers and the random visitor who pushed the "Next Blog" button. And, of course, I thought more of my deep thoughts.

For instance, my bike may have taken the shifting into control, but it was still a lot of work to get up the hills (no, they are not very big, thanks for pointing out how out-of-shape I am!). And so, I got to thinking how so many of us want the mountain-top experience but we don't want to do the work to climb up there. (Alternate Title #2: Climb Every Mountain)

Well, it seems to me that I had lots of other deep thoughts (something about how a car is like Jesus? and something else even more profound than that...) and alternate post titles, but apparently I waited too long to post them because they're gone. The baby ate my brain. It happens. Sorry to let you down. I know you thought I was just getting warmed up. Well, if any of them come back to me, and I happen to be near a computer, and no one distracts me from my purpose, I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

In the meantime, I think you should all get a bike that shifts itself so you can think deep thoughts like me. And then be sure to blog them before they enter deep-thought-oblivion. Yep. That would be good.


Missy said...

So glad that you're biking with a free mind...I've employed another technique :-) I make Joe jog and I ride the bike...that way I have the advantage :-)

Melodie said...

Ha! You're too funny Rachel. I love the way you put things.

So your thought (that you couldn't complete) about Jesus being like a car reminded me of a song from Liberia.

Satan move from the road
Jesus coming with his car
The car has no brakes
If it hits you will die

You will die
You will die
You will die
You will die
You will die
You will die
You will die
You will die
(Yes, this many times.)

So the theological accuracy of this song can definitely be questioned, but I thought you'd get a kick out of it!

Becky said...

Hey! I'm in that picture! : )

Usually during pregnancy I avoid cameras AT ALL COSTS!!!

Only for you would I allow myself in all of my chubby glory to be photographed and posted on your blog.

: ) Becky

P.S. I have bike envy

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