The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Look What I Can Do!

So, I finally got caught up with the hip moms and bought some snaps for Pea's hair. And we LOVE them!!!! Just look what we've been up to!

Style #1:

Style #2:

And, just in case you're interested in what we use for hair care around here, we are faithful Carol's Daughter devotees. Here's what I wrote to an expectant AOH mom about our hair care routines when she asked what she'll need to set up shop at her place for her little Liberian dollies.

Okay, you need CD Black Vanilla Spray (or I have another brand I use for this, African Pride Braid Sheen or something like that--this is a detangler, come through-er). Next, CD Hair Milk (I spray on the spray and then squirt about a quarter-sized dab of Milk in my hand, rub between palms, slather on fro). Comb (wide tooth first, then medium. You can do fine, but not necessary). Shape. Voila--lovely free hair! This is what we do mornings and evenings when her hair is free. Sometimes I subs the CD Hair Balm for the Milk (it has a nicer smell and is more oily for when things seem to be drying out too much). I use the Rosemary Mint Shampoo once a week following a good dose of Lisa's Hair Elixir (used like VO5 Hot Oil). Leave the oil in dry hair for 5 minutes. Add a smidge of warm water and shampoo. Use the oily shampoo suds (it's oddly not oily at all!!!) as a nice moisturizing skin cleanser too. Rinse. The best thing I can do for rinsing is to run her head under the faucet. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get a complete rinse.

Now, if you don't want to have to "do" it every day, you have to learn the styles. For this you NEED snaps!!! I just got some (to be blogged soon) and they are sooooo much easier than rubber bands for ending braids/twists. We like Nubian knots at our house too (a twist that you keep twising til it becomes like an itty bitty bun and then secure with a rubber band). But, the snaps are fun for the kids and much easier for tying off. The easiest style is to section off squares, secure with a rubber band (it's too loose if you don't--I tried), double-strand twist, end with a snap (with some beads of course). This will stay for days and you just have to use the braid sheen spray to keep the scalp and exposed hair from drying out. Easy peasy.

The most important tool for hairstyling though--you'll need a partner! The partner's job is to distract and keep happy the hair stylee. Food, toys, tv, whatever it takes without crossing the line into indulgent parenting! Keep some things special for hair time (toys, treats, etc.). Yep. It's good.

I hope that helps someone out there! And, if you have further suggestions (or corrections!), please let us know!


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Beautiful! Well done!! Tanya

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