The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


Do you have a know-it-all child in your home? I wasn't aware that this phenomenon began so early in a child's life! I kinda thought it was a teenagery thing. Hmmph.

Yesterday Punk earned a new nickname because of his know-it-all attitude. He was trying to count to 100 and made a few little mistakes. Dadders stepped in and offered the corrections.
Punk: "I know what I'm doing, Dad!"
Dad: "Oh, okay, Professor!"

Speaking of new nicks, my sis and I were bantering about what the next kid's or kids' nicks will be. Of course, this is not a declaration that we are pregnant nor paper-pregnant. But, I think there's at least one more baberific on the horizon. Somewhere. Some time. Sis objects to Prince and Pet (which is short for Petunia). I was thinking of Pip maybe. Any other ideas out there?


Anonymous said...

all i'm sayin' is you cannot call your children by names you would give a dog. you can call your dogs by names you'd give a child, but that's different.

so. pumpernickel. of course, it's obvious.

also, perhaps the child will inspire the knickname, as pumpkin so fits punk.

Tarah said...

Pip is not so good! Nope.

More kiddos, very fun!!!

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