The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Fast Food

I drove by two Burger Kings this morning with marquees touting: "Healthy Choices Begin at Burger King" Not having tv, I'm not sure if this is part of a large ad campaign or what, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Starting today, though, "fast food" has taken on a whole new meaning here. We are joining our church in a 21-day fast. I've taken minor stabs at fasting in the past, but have never really jumped in with both feet. I still don't "get it," but I do believe in obedience, not religiously but lovingly. In the few months that we've been part of this church, I've been encouraged by the pastor's and leadership's sense of where God is taking us. So, if they call a fast, we're in. It's about time we learned. After all, Jesus assumed his followers would fast (see Mt. 6:16ff and 9:14ff).

Anyway, I think the same passage I just referenced sometimes causes people to be mute on their experiences with fasting. After all, no one wants to go through all the "stuff" of fasting only to lose their reward. On the other hand, the passage doesn't forbid talking about your experiences--it only directs the motives of the heart (both the motive behind the fast and the talking about it). I want to record my fasting experience for myself, but also for anyone who might be interested. Not understanding fasting has been a large reason I've never jumped in before. I've been taught the mechanics and all, as well as the purpose being positioning yourself to receive God's grace, but it all seems so ethereal and, honestly, disconnected. How can it be that my denying myself food or certain foods will really prime the pump for God's grace to be more evident in my life? I hope to be able to answer this, at least a little bit, through this next 21 days (and I welcome your comments on the subject).

In addition, Aaron and I both feel a certain "hopeful expectation" about the fifth member of our family. Neither of us have any compunction to follow a certain course, but both of us feel that our family is not yet complete. So, we're seeking more clarity on this issue through the fast.

And, then, if nothing else, no answers, I just really want more of Him in my life. As I said in "Feeling Better," I don't really need the answers. When it's time, He'll tell me (at least that's what I keep praying!). All I really need is Him.

When I was in college we used to sing a song with the line: "You're all I want; you're all I need." Yesterday we sang a song with a similar sentiment. At most times in my life, it's hard for me to sing these lines whole-heartedly. They're so absolute, so singular, so exclusive (which, I realize, is the point). It's just hard for me to be there. So, I'm hoping this fast will accelerate my journey toward that goal. I want to be whole-hearted. I want to be completely devoted. I want more of Him.


From Five to Eight said...

I'm interested in reading about your food fast journey. I've never fasted either...for alot of those same reasons! Teresa

Tanya said...

I look forward to hearing about this journey. I have seen the power of fasting and prayer in others but my own fasting has only maxed at 24 hours (or Good Friday night to Easter morning). I am a whimp in this area...I like my food! I, too, have been coming across lots of scripture in this area and wondering what the Lord is telling me. Thanks for posting about it!

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