The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Weekend in Photos

This has been a big weekend for the PeaPod! First, we bought her her own bedroom furniture (she and Punk have been sharing a room since she joined the fam) from Craigslist, and, of course, got a killer deal. Aaron's pretty sure the whole set is solid cherry (aaaaaaah!!!!) and the man who sold it to us said it was his grandparents' set originally! Why they aren't saving it for the fifth generation, I can't imagine, but I'm pleased as Punch at their, hmmm... naivete? stupidity? lack of foresight? The set includes a rather large dresser, a huge mirror and two twin beds with head and foot boards. Everything but one of the beds was painted white. I would like to paint the other bed and set it up for symetry. Then, it's there for another sister or a friend. We're not ready to move her in (have to paint the huge room upstairs for the guest suite first and move the appertaining furniture up there), but couldn't pass up the deal.

Here's the dresser. I LOVE the curvy front!
Here are a couple of the drawers. I'm gonna have to get new pulls sometime (these are hideous, in my opinion), but not a high priority.
And, the two headboards. The footboards are very unique and petite. You can see the white one peeking out from behind the headboard in the lower right corner. When we get set up (a few weeks?), I'll get better photos for y'all.
Second, she and I spent the whole day on hair. I decided to give yarn extensions a try. It's extremely easy, but very time consuming. On the other hand, we could get 2 months out of this without having to redo. She was very patient and did a great job sitting for me. We took some breaks (most notably for nap, but also for food and play). I still have some trimming and tidying to do on the left side, but that should be quickly taken care of in the morning. Best of all, she's absolutely thrilled with it! Hooray!

Here's the happy girl jumping up and down with glee! I'm pretty certain that if she knew the West Side Story "I Feel Pretty" song, she'd be singing it!
And, a shot from the side that's complete (standing still!). Pretty cute, huh?

(Editor's note: The following was added the next morning)
Here she is all done! She looks so grown up! The hardest part for me was cutting off the ends. I felt like I needed a cosmetology lesson! I had a hard time getting everything even and "shaped" right, but I think it turned out well for a first-timer!


Carolyn said...

She looks like she's aged a few years. The extensions look nice. I haven't tried them yet, but you've encouraged me to try.

Becky said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks!!! What a beauty. Love the furniture and can't wait to see the after pictures of her new room. : )

Tarah said...

GREAT JOB mama!!! Great job pea for sitting still.

Very proud of you.

With yarn, do you still spray the braids and scalp with oil each day so they don't dry out and fall out? I love braids so that there is less doing each day. :)

Rae said...

Thanks, all! And, T, yes, I'll continue to spray daily with the Black Vanilla Carol's Daughter Spray (like I would with regular box braids or whatever). And, oil the parts/scalp every few days. That's what I've been told to do, anyway!

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