The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Quadruple Bedroom Makeover!

I've been looking forward to it for weeks. This weekend, we finally moved Pea into her own room! This required nothing less than the transformation of three rooms! So, why is this post called, "Quadruple Bedroom Makeover"? I'll get to that in a moment.

First we had to convert the upstairs "nothing/everything" room into a guest room. The paint in there was awful yellow with the previous green color gaping through here and there. We wanted to use some of the paint leftover from the main floor renovations, but the carpet upstairs (which we replaced when we did the other 3 bedrooms on the main floor) is almost the same color (light tan) as the paint we had leftover. So, we called Lowe's and they said that, yes, they could darken the paint for us. Just bring it in, show us what color you want it and we'll do what we can. We picked a cozy, medium taupe. It warmed the room right up. A little green (also leftover) to break up the beige monotony and we have a very cozy (though HUGE--look how small the king-size bed looks!) guest room...
...which retains some vestiges of its former life as a "nothing/everything" room as there is nowhere else to put A's exercise equipment, autographed pictures of Darth Vader and James Earl Jones,......or desk (from the past, far left; or present, right).
I'm still working on the adjacent bathroom, so look for more on that later. To whet your appetite, here's a peek at the paint color. The photo turned out a little dark, as you can see from the shower stall, which is really a true white. The paint is indeed dark--a deep, rich brown that has a taste of burgundy in it. It's gorgeous, very luxurious in feeling. I can't wait to get this bathroom all trimmed out!

That was the big job. Next, we transformed what had been the guest room into Pea's new room. Her new furniture suite looks great and she's got plenty of room to be a girl!
Please excuse the raggamuffin visitor!
Punk's room is mostly the same, except that one of the toy shelves got moved to Pea's room. And the lower bunk is bare! We put up a world map (which he is enamored of!) and some other wall hangings. Not enough to make me take photos of.

Finally, Aaron and I got a special treat--the fourth (mini) room makeover! I've been wanting a four-poster bed for eons. Since I was a little girl. It's been on Aaron's "to build" list, but hasn't ever been a priority (and I set the priorities!). Then, we found out our friends were getting rid of theirs! Along with the matching dresser. So, check out my new princess bed! I love it. We just put it together this afternoon, so I haven't actually slept in it yet, but I'm kinda giddy about it!

Now, what to do about those nightstands!


Maralee said...

First of all, the rooms look beautiful! Now for the questions: How did Aaron get Darth Vader to autograph a picture? That's got to be a good story involving some kind of time/space travel. And also- is your son pantsless in that picture? Seems like that needs an explanation :)
Love ya!

Rae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rae said...

Thanks for the compliment! We need wall art, but other than that, I agree--lookin' good!

A very young Aaron visited DV at the local car dealership in Twin Falls, ID. Kind of the evil emporer to drop by, eh? I'm sure with Homeland Security being what it is, that wouldn't happen today! Talk about an intergalactic security risk!

Years later, his (A's not DV's) mother sent out for a mail order autographed photo of James Earl Jones to complete the set!

And, yes, my beloved firstborn is indeed pantsless in that photo. Have you never noticed this propensity in our photos before? I insist we all wear underwear, but pants are another matter.

Anonymous said...

your house is beautiful rachel. i may hire you as a consultant one of these decades...=)

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