The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Strawberry Pickin'

The kiddinkidinks and A went around to the neighborhood garage sales yesterday. They had a lot of fun and each of them spent their own money to buy a special treasure. Punk got a motorcycle with working head and tail lights and a starting sound. Pea got a book of Christmas carols attached to a little piano. It's the kind with colors on the staff to show you which key to hit. They are both entralled with their finds. And, Punk tells everyone who'll listen, "Look what I got at the sales!"

Meanwhile, I was baking an angel food cake that flopped! I have no idea what to do with the 12 egg yolks that are a bi-product of this recipe, so I tried using dried egg whites this time. Enh. Not so good. Plus, just a few minutes after I'd taken it out of the oven and balanced it on the bottle, it took a tumble. The fall was it's real demise, completely deflating it. It still tasted plenty good, but the texture was all wrong.

We'd planned on taking the kiddinkidinks strawberry picking (to top the cake!), so off we went. I was shocked how quickly we filled two buckets with piles of luscious strawberries! Now, what to do with them all!


Tarah said...

I have a strawberry poke cake recipe, or you can do some canning for strawberry jam/syrup!!


Maralee said...

Love her hair! Such a great smile, too.

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