The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


Now that Punk is in "big school," I need to go buy stacks of dimes. You see, we'd like to start training him in money management principles. He has been earning quarters for doing extra chores and that will continue, but now he'll start earning a salary. :) Just like Daddy gets paid for going to work each day, Punky will be paid for going to school and working hard there each day. We may even initiate a bonus program for goal-attainment (grades and other goals) in time. We're starting him on a dollar per week, but will adjust if/when necessary.

Aaron made him this beautiful "bank." It's not finished yet--still needs the clear coats to make it a little darker, shinier (Mama likes shiny things!), and more durable. But you get the idea from these photos.There are three compartments so each weekly dollar can be divided for saving, spending, and giving back to God (hence the need for oodles of dimes). Somewhat surprisingly, the Punkster is actually most excited about giving! Yay!!!!

Any advice from you seasoned moms for financial training for kids?


jena said...

We have a 401K Daddy program.

If the kids want to put their money in a can't touch it again (until perhaps a car, college, etc) account, Daddy matches dollar for dollar. But no moving the money in and out.

We have a regular savings acct for them to deposit and withdraw... this account is different though. Deposits are encouraged, but they'll be waiting years to get any out!

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