The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Yay! She Got Frustrated!!!!

Yesterday, Pea and I were getting into a friend's car to carpool home from the Fall Festival at preschool (I forgot my camera--sorry!). My friend asked Pea if she wanted help with her seatbelt. No way, no how, thank you very much (except without the thanks). Pea struggled to get to the magical "click!" with no success. Finally, it seemed she had shoved the metal buckle in far enough, and she let go. Unfortunately, it retracted on her. And that's when the miracle happened. She expressed frustration! It was written all over her face and she even let out an exasperated sigh! I'm pretty sure I caught a certain rolling of the eyes! I was thrilled!!!! This was the first time I had seen her express frustration!

I know my excitement may seem odd to you, but if it does, ask yourself whether it's odd for a child to get past her 4th birthday having never expressed frustration! The fact that she has grown 4 inches in height already this year is just a picture of how she is still on a trajectory of spiritual, cognitive, and emotional growth. Seeing her appropriately express a new emotion was an amazing moment for me. Like Mary of Nazareth, I'll "treasure up all these things, pondering them in [my] heart."


From Five to Eight said...

If you want to see eye rolling you should come over here! :)
(I do know what you mean though)

Tarah said...

She knows she can be frustrated and will still be loved!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE THE BIG MOMENTS. Thanks for sharing.

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