The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

"What a Weekend" or "Monday, Monday"

15 March 2010

You win some, you lose some.

I love, love, love the changing of seasons, but they always seem to come with a price--the weather-change cold. Bah. Mine started around Thursday and has been bugging me ever since.

One of the churches nearby our house has an annual Family Fun Fair and this weekend was the appointed time. We made plans to attend, but Saturday morning, Aaron found "ants" all over the wall and window near his side of the bed. Upon further investigation, we determined these were not ants but termites. Oh yay. And then we discovered that exterminators don't work weekends. We vaccuumed up as many as we could scare out of hiding. Unable to do more, we trucked off to the fair.

We had a fun time riding rides from the tame slides to the people dropper. Yes, they did allow my little Punk and Pea to be dropped from a height. Yes, they includes me. Now, I like me some rollercoaster fun, but I'd never tried one of those dropper things before. And, I never will again. It's not fun. We ate hotdogs and funnel cakes and made our deposits in the porta-johns. What could be more fun?

Then, to top it all off we went shoe shopping! Wahoo! Mini-shoe shopping, that is. It strikes me as strange that it is so difficult to find children's shoes for sale in this town. I don't get it. There are scads and scads of the little humans here and almost all of them have feet. It's odd, I tell you. I suppose I don't have to tell you now that I've told you that that we didn't find anything worth buying. By the time we headed home, I was hacking up a lung and had virtually lost my voice.

So, of course, cooking anything reasonable for dinner was out of the question. Usually I save this particular meal for times when A is out of town. However, I proposed it and he accepted. So, we all sat on the couch and watched "Fraggle Rock" together over two big bowls filled with freshly popped microwave popcorn topped with shredded cheese. It was lovely.

After tucking the kiddinkies into their beds, A and I watched "Vertigo." I've taken a shine to Hitchcock lately and this has been on our list for a while. It sure kept us guessing. I'm not sure whether I liked it or not....

Sunday morning I opted out of church. Having to talk to all my friends seemed like it would just do my sore throat in, plus I didn't want to spread my germs to each and all. I think the rest did me some good and while I'm not all better, I am improving.

So, the whole reason we were shoe shopping was because Pea is about ready to bust a toe out of her favorite shoes. This morning I thought about just throwing them away and making her wear her sneakers, which are less favored and so slightly less worn (how can they be sooooo hard on their poor shoes?!). But, deciding I didn't want a fight before school, I thought I'd let her wear them just one more day.

Forty-five minutes after dropping her off at preschool, I got a call, "Mrs. W, could you bring Pea another pair of shoes? One of the ones she was wearing broke. It can't be fixed. There's no way to make it stay on her foot now." "Yeah, sure, I'll be right over." I laughed to myself and sent the mommy-guilt packing. I suppose there can be no fight over trashing those shoes now!
The exterminator came over today to give an estimate. Eight hundred dollars to make sure every termite that might be in the house is dead. And that doesn't cover the damage they've done. Or we've done. Yipes. At least the estimator guy wasn't the tv-stereotype serviceman. He actually was pretty good-looking!
So, ups and downs, twists and turns. At least it wasn't boring!


Heart4Adoption said...

Glad that the termites can be eliminated...even if it is for a pretty penny. Now...what are you going to do about new shoes lol!

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