The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


7 November 2010

Punk participated in a Karate Tournament on Saturday. Earlier in the week, he told me, "I'm going for the gold!" I smiled and told him that was a fine goal, but there is a goal that's even better to strive for. "What about striving to do your best, Buddy? It doesn't matter so much whether you get the gold or silver medal, or even something else, as long as you know you did your best." There was a long pause while he considered this.

Me: "Will it be okay if you don't get the gold medal, Punk?"
Another long, long pause.
Punk, very quietly: "I don't know."
Me: "Hmm. Well, what's something you think I do very well?"
Punk: "I don't know." (Gee, thanks, kid!)
Pea: "I know! You're good at making dinner!"
Me: "Thanks, Pea. So, I'm very good at making dinner. And, I do my best to make things we all enjoy and to cook them well. But, sometimes it doesn't turn out how I wanted, even when I am trying my best. And, sometimes, not all of us end up liking what I cook. And, I bet we could find some people who are even better at cooking dinner than I am. But, that's okay with me, because I know that I do my best and my best is good enough for this family. I don't have to be perfect to make you all happy. And, I certainly don't have to be perfect for you all to love me!"

Well, Punk received that with a lot of thought. You could practically hear the gears churning. I don't think I'd quite convinced him, though.

On the morning of the tournament, we talked again about giving it his best shot, that this was the time to give it his all, but that we would be so pleased and proud of him no matter what medals he earned. He nodded, but I was still a little worried that if he didn't get gold or silver, there could be trouble.

The first round was katas (a choreographed series of punches, kicks, blocks, and turns). He did a fabulous job and earned the gold! So far, so good! The second round was battle bats (a precursor to sparring, to get the kids used to one-to-one "combat"). Now, I should say that he was practicing his kata practically non-stop for weeks leading up to the tournament. But, they only practiced battle a couple times in class, not at all at home. Unfortunately, Punk failed to score even one point in his battle bats matches, earning him fourth place (of four) and a "little bronze" medal. He was so upset, he cried and Aa had to take him out of the gym to help him through the disappointment. He made it through the rest of the tournament, but I couldn't get a smile or even a thumbs up out of him.
After the tournament, we went to McD's to celebrate. I asked for a chance to look at his medals up close. Frankly, I told him, I think the little bronze is the cooler one! For one thing the karate man pictured on it appears to be flying through the air, with his hair streaming in the breeze! And, it had a backside, a laurel wreath.

Me: Do you know what a laurel wreath symbolizes?
Punk: No...
Me: It symbolizes victory! For many, many years people have used these circles of laurel leaves to crown victors in wars and athletics.
Punk: Cool, can I see it again?

Later, in the car on the way home...
Punk: Mom, why are there only 10 glory leaves on my gold medal when there are 16 on the back of the little bronze?

Tee hee!


andreawilliams said...

Oh buddy!! Love it. Congrats!

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