The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

What a day! (aka--"For Tarah!!!")

So, today has just been a wild, wild day!

I went to Bible study this morning and found that our worship leader was sick. So, another gal filled in for her--acapella and unplanned . It was so good. She started with the Doxology and then other ladies just chimed in with other songs. It was beautiful and a sweet time of worship.

Then, I sent Punk home with a friend for lunch and his nap while I went out with some other friends for our senior pastor's wife's 60th birthday! It was a good time. I love the sentiment from the card I got her. Here's my paraphrase: "If, instead of lighting a candle for each year of your life, we lit one for each kind word you've spoken, each thoughtful thing you've done, something...something..., the room would be ablaze with a radiant glow." Isn't that marvelous?! And, what birthdays are really about anyway!

So, we're having lunch and the phone rings and it's Acres of Hope, so I answer. It was Donna saying that Pea isn't gaining weight like we'd hoped and she needs to go on a special formula. Poor baby girl. Keep prayers flowing for her. And, pray for me to adequately fight the fear of losing her.

Then, the phone rings again, and it's my friend who has Punk. Thankfully, it was good news--he was going down for his nap and I was free to roam until he woke up. Hoorah! I just shopped a bit without having to control "grabby hands." Aaaah. So lovely.

I headed toward home around 4 pm and Punk was STILL asleep when I got to my friend's house. Well, she and I started gab, gab, gabbing and before you know it, it was 5:45 and too late to make dinner! Since Tuesday is half-price-happy-meals at McD's, she suggested we call our men and meet them there. Which of course, we did!!!

So, then we're sitting in McD's--gab, gab, gabbing--and I hear my phone beeping. I missed a call from our Tuesday night sitter. It was 6:50 at that point and she comes at 6:30. OOOOPS! Her message was something like, "Uuum, hi Rachel, it's Darla....I'm at your house and it doesn't look like anyone's home. I've been here for...a while now. Ummm, I knocked and knocked. Then I tried the door and it was open, so I stuck my head in and yelled. So, I'll just stay here a little longer...maybe you're on your way here or something.... Yeah. Bye." HOW EMBARASSING! I totally lost track of time and Aaron was no help at all! I called her back and she was almost back to her house. I told her we'd meet her at our place ASAP. When we got home, Punk had a major meltdown and didn't want to stay with her. Of course not!!! Poor punkinhead--he hadn't been home all day. So, after much hemming and hawing and mama's-heart-breaking, we decided to stay home and let Darla go. What a day!!!!

So, Tarah (ha--read the comments for the last post if you want to see why Tarah's getting so much attention this post!), please pray for our little (ha!) family while you're whiling away the time on the plane to Addis! Pence--release from hospital; Pea--gain weight and health; Punk--separation anxiety; Mama--shut de mouth!!! :)


Tarah said...
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Steven said...
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