The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Up and Down and All Around

Wow. What a crazy few days it has been in my life! No new news on either of our far-away kids, but (as much as I try not to) I'm totally holding my breath waiting for a call/email from Donna. I know it's pretty unrealistic to expect anything and the part of me that remains attached to reality is certain that Patty/Donna will call and explain everything when they get back to the office. What I REALLY want could never be contained in an email anyway.

The big focus of my weekend was a very humiliating look in the mirror, figuratively speaking. I had really hurt some friends of mine without realizing it and they took the time Sunday afternoon to tell me about it. OOOOOWWWW! God had been dealing with me on this point already (a critical/judgemental attitude), but I had no idea that it had seeped into this relationship and was the cause of such strife between all of us (Aaron and me and the other couple). I was devastated that I had hurt them (my bad behavior struck at the very point of their vulnerability, of course) and I was afraid of losing my friend. Consequently, I literally didn't sleep Sunday night. I think I'm still dehydrated from all the tears I've cried! Fortunately, I was able to apologize Monday night and forgiveness flowed both directions. Astonishingly, we all feel that now that we've been through such an agonizing time together, our friendships have a pretty bright future--like we can be real friends now, instead of just on the surface. Isn't it strange that what could break you personally and interpersonally really can wind up being the best thing for you and your relationships?!

As a much-needed distraction from turning blue from holding my breath and turning red from this humbling experience, I got to visit a friend, her boys, and her new baby from Ethiopia yesterday! It was so great. The three boys (newly 4, nearly 3, and newly 2--Punk is the nearly 3) played really well together and the baby girl was so sweet and smiley! I had a really good time connecting with another mom too. So, since I know you're reading this--thanks again Tarah! (Hint: If you sign my guest book, others can see your blog and the pics of Tezeta!)

Wahoo! I just got a call from my Dad-in-law that my Sis-in-law is in labor! Yay! We've been waiting for this since about Feb 20 (we think the due-date was miscalculated!), so it's a joy and a relief to hear that baby Z is about to make his 8-9 pound triumphal entry into the outside world! Yippee!


Tarah said...

You are so honest and transparent. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart. Times that we are called on the carpet are so hard, but amazing to see where God takes us.
We had lots of fun and look forward to more fun afternoons!

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My Man and Me
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