The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


Well, life is back to normal around here. Sorta. My dad and brother left at 7 this morning (at least that was the plan--I don't really know because I didn't get out of bed until 7:15) and I woke up with a humdinger headache and some nausea. Wahoo! Both have subsided a bit now, but I don't feel quite "right" still. Boo hoo.

Anyway, we had a good time with them. Punk is hopelessly devoted to Matthew who was a great uncle the whole time. Punk would only get out of the van on Uncle Matt's side, only really wanted to hold Matt's hand in parking lots (except when he also held mine for swinging), and thought Matt was the best playmate ever. Punk liked Grandpa Ken too, but at one point forgot his name and called him, "That man!" We all cracked up and Punk, of course, didn't know what was so funny!

Dad was talking to Mom on the phone yesterday morning and told him she had a brilliant idea that she wanted to tell me, so he handed over the phone. I suppose the fact that she was called in for jury duty and has been sitting at the court-house endless hours might have something to do with her brilliancy. Not sure. So, the ingenious plan? Write to Oprah about Pence (and Pea!) and see if she can get them out of there. Uh, Mom, it's not like he's stuck in Philadelphia or something! I thought it was pretty cute!

I do have good news on the African front, but it involves neither Oprah nor Pence. First, Pea stands now without holding on to anything and can take a step before falling down! I have another new picture of her--standing! If only gaining 2 pounds did me such a world of good!!!The other good news from Africa is that the system to issue passports has been revised again (I think this is version 8.0, but I've lost count!) and they should only take a month to issue now! Then, about 4 weeks til travel (pre-interview at the Visa office). Wahoo! Pea's adoption should be finalized in May or June, passport issued in June or July and we'll be cleared to travel in July or August! We're thinking at this point that Aaron and I will both go for her and to visit Pence, but we're still undecided about how to get Pence home (have Patty escort him, I go by myself, A goes by himself, we both go)--it all depends on how Punk and Pea are adjusting and how Pea is bonding/attaching to each of us.

Here's that pic of my pretty standing all by herself!

And, here are some pictures from Easter that I promised you! Starting with the hilarious progression of the demise of the Chocolate Easter Bunny!

And here are a few pretty pictures of my niece, C.

Punky looking cute.

The three cousins--Punk, Z, and C

Me amd Z


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