The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Move Over, Budder!

We moved Punk's crib over to the big boys' room last night and he did pretty well. Despite his consistent "no's" when we asked if he wanted to move, we were just really positive and excited about it and he caught on. I took a bunch of pictures, but these don't yet qualify as "afters" because, as you can see, the room is still very much in process! Pea's stuff is in there temporarily as well as some other "homeless" stuff. And, the crib is actually temporary too, until he's ready to move into his big boy bed (whether A's done with the bed or not, we'll probably start him on the mattress on the floor). Also, I ordered blinds for the window but they won't be here for 2 weeks or so--thus, the lovely green velvet thumb-tacked over the window!

So, here's a couple shots of Pea's stuff--her bedding and paint chips. Don't you love her lamp? The dark pink is for the walls and the light pink for the ceiling. The dark brown is for the trim and the tree mural. We're planning to paint this weekend. Oh, and Aaron relented--he will help me with the basic painting of the room! Yay!

This is the picture from Better Homes and Gardens ( that inspired the thought for the tree mural in Pea's room. In my head at least, hers will be less "wispy" and slightly more realistic--brown trunk, cherry blossom type flowers created by mixing the two pinks for her walls and ceilings. Yeah, I'm definitely going to need help with this!
And, here's a set of her new room/Punk's old room. It's a lot smaller than the boys' room. And, yes, the ceiling in there is yellow. Yes, I loved it! Yes, I imagine it will be difficult to paint over (but we're using a sprayer, so that should make it easier). You probably can't tell very well, but the new boys' ceiling is just a light tan.

And, the picture to beat all others:
Punk found some Elmo underwear (here we go again--Net Nanny can kiss my Elmo!) in the drawer when I took them all out to move the dresser over to the new room. He pulled out one pair with a really nice face of Elmo on the bum. "Oh, hi Elmo!" Cute, huh? No, he's not potty-trained, nor is he interested, although I thought we were on our way about 9 months ago. HA!! So, I guess (besides the astronomical prices) he'll not be going to pre-school any time soon. No biggie (though it would be a relief to my budget to not have both of the littles in diapers!).


Tarah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tarah said...

Wait, he was partial to my brocolli and strawberries! Maybe that would work better!

MAV said...

The tree mural is such a cute idea. BHG has so many great decorating ideas, I love it.

Tami said...

LOL, kiss my Elmo. You're a riot, even on the blog!

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