The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Run for Your Lives!

Hmmmm. I just got tagged by Jennifer over at Narcissistic Tendencies. Frankly, I think she's taking advantage of my blog-naivete, but that's okay! Apparently if you get "tagged" you have to share 7 little-known facts about yourself on your blog. Well, since I'm pretty much an open book, I guess I'll have to dig into the deep, dark past to come up with these things...

1. I used to be a very, very rule-bound individual. In fact, at the tender age of 5, I was a hapless victim of my insatiable need to gain approval by following the letter of the law. It was story-time and Mrs. Ahoyt was sick and tired of tiny little people requesting to use the bathroom. Certainly we could all get through one little story without a problem. So, she instructed us not to interrupt her for any reason during the story. When story-time was through, we all stood up to go back to our seats and Mrs. Ahoyt noticed the foul results of her strict instruction. Beneath my skirt, my panties were bulging with poo. I was prepared to just live with it, but she was mortified and my mother brought me a clean pair. Somehow, I remember taking the dirty pair home on the bus in a paper lunch sack. Surely, this must be some trick of the memory, right?

2. In junior high, I wrote a "check yes if you like me" note to a boy named Joey Minot who happened to already have a girlfriend. A mean, ugly girlfriend. Unfortunately, I thought it best to let him know that she was mean and ugly--in writing--right under the yes and no boxes. I never did find out whether he checked yes or no, but girlfriend Gwen proved herself both mean and ugly by threatening to beat me up. Another memory glitch--don't recall how I got out of that one!

3. I broke my arm on the teeter-totter my dad built (the same teeter-totter that contributed hundreds of splinters to my tender rump), my left ring finger on a four-square ball, and my foot while playing hide-and-seek in the church bathroom. I am indeed a delicate flower.

4. In my youth, I wanted to have lots of daughters with boyish names (like Teddi and Robbi and Alex). I had a list with at least one name for practically every letter of the alphabet. By the time I hit college, I was going to be a serious business woman (running a campground!!!), wouldn't marry until I was 30, and might have a kid or two. Yikes.

5. Every year of high school, I had a different best friend, except junior year, when I didn't have one at all. Cyndi was freshman year; she friend-dumped me because I told her I didn't think it was a good idea for her to have sex with her boyfriend. Sophomore year was Sherri, a senior who dropped me when she went to college (I understand, but it still hurt). Junior year was just darn hard. Jessie Fern (cool middle name, huh?) was my senior year best-friend even though I knew I wasn't her best-friend. Yeah. I'd never, ever, ever go back to high school for any reason.

6. I eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough and feed it to my kid. I know I'm in grave danger of salmonella, but I don't care. It isn't about the chocolate (I have other sources) and I actually prefer the dough without the chips.

7. Aaron and I have an agreement to never spend more than $25 on anything outside of the pre-negotiated budget without approval from the other spouse. This "rule" (we're back to rules now!) was seriously tested in August 2003. I was in India. It was the last day of a 3-week mission trip Aaron and I were leading. Aaron only stayed for the first 2 weeks, though. So, we had a free day and went souvenir shopping. We found this way-cool place called Madurai gallery that was 12 times bigger than any other store we'd been in--just for it's first floor. The second floor was a rug gallery. It was so cool! They served us special tea (I forgot what it was exactly) and showed us how the rugs are woven and told us how the patterns belong to different families and are like top-secret "recipes" of sorts. After having the lovely salesmen roll out about 113 rugs, which they were happy to do even though we told them we were poor college students (and a poor college pastor! did you know that was my pre-mom job?), I finally spotted a tiny roll in the corner. The guy said, "Ah! The lady has fine tastes!" And he rolled out a small, doormat-sized rug that was simply gorgeous--and then it's match! He told me a wonderful story about how they were probably made as a dowry for sisters, maybe even twins (had I told him I am one?!), and that they were about 80 years old. He said that when rugs turn 100, they are considered national treasures and cannot be sold to foreigners (I've never found out the truth on this, but it's very suspicious, don't you think?!). Cost: $600 US dollars each. Too bad, no way to reach Aaron, no way I can even buy one (not that I could split up the "siblings"!) But, I loved them! Long, long story a teensy bit shorter, I got him down to $500 for the pair! I just couldn't pass it up. I knew I could get that much for them in the states. So, I bought them!!! When Aaron met me in the airport, the first words out of my mouth were a very guilty, "I spent A LOT of money!!!" He was very understanding and sweet about it. He liked them too. We've never had them officially appraised, but a guy in a rug store here in town said he thought something like $1600 each! Whew!

Well, now I have to tag seven others. Hmmmm.... Tami, Tarah, Becky, Amy, Chanda, Jamie (sorry, I know you just did this; I think the old one counts), and Mary. I hope no one feels left out. I didn't mean it. :)
PS--The paint in the big boys' room is done! Just gotta get it put together and then I'll show it off!


Becky said...

I prefer the chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips, too. : ) I thought I was the only one.

Faith said...
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Amy said...

These are so funny. I can't believe you just admitted to pooping your pants! That's hilarious!
I love the "check yes or no, BTW your girlfriend is mean and ugly" story. :) Hahahaha...
Oh, and COOL rug! Good purchase!

Becky said...

Oops....I didn't see my name being tagged for some reason the first time I read this post. I guess I better start thinking of seven things....I'm pretty boring. : ) It'll be fun thinking up stuff, but it'll never compare to yours. : )

Jennifer said...

well, this is a crackup! we installed Net Nanny yesterday since our kids use the computer more now. so I was just heading over to your site and a warning popped up for "intimate apparel" on your blog!!! :) You can add that to your facts now - Net Nanny warnings pop up when people try to read your blog!

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