The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


Punk's birthday is still a month away, but with the InLaw Invasion, he got some early birthday presents. Including this amazing workshop (which I believe actually belongs out in the garage with all of Daddy's stuff, but which cannot be moved out there because it is currently being played with at least 10 times a day and Dadders is required to supervise garage play).

(note the safety goggles above and the "smile" I coached below)

And, you probably recall the super-duper pedal plane my dad made him (that's his bday from my parents).

So, what will Aaron and I be getting our son for his 3rd birthday? A free purge of his toy shelves, a list of chores to indoctrinate him into the responsibilities of family life, and maybe Hi-Ho Cherry-O! Because, did I tell you? I'm hopelessly addicted to board games. Especially at family functions. Unfortunately, Aaron's family, whom we see far more often than mine, are not steeped in this tradition. For the last 6 years, I have been trying to introduce the splendor that is DOING SOMETHING (ie playing a game) after family dinners. Most of my attempts have met with utter failure. But, hope prevailed and I discovered the perfect blend of luck and non-boredom with the time-honored classic... UNO. At first I was a little worried when my suggestion brought questioning looks and the admission, "We don't know how to play that." But, after a quick run-down of the rules and a practice hand we were off and keeping score. Dad even begged for a chance to pull himself out of the pit-of-no-return the next evening. I think I may have found the key to appeasing my NEED to play a game at family functions and ending the dreaded stupidity of DOING NOTHING instead! Really, the only time I deeply miss my own family is when they are passing the phone around the Trivial Pursuit board trying to find someone who can talk to me and win a pie piece at the same time.

But, I digress. I think it's about time to introduce young Punkinhead into the game-playing tradition. A Mama can only enjoy so many bouts of pretend-play with trains or tools. And my neck hurts from looking around his orange little noggin to see the screen filled with animated games. So, Hi-Ho Cherry-O! (a game I have never, ever played before!) is looking pretty appealing. Tell me, e-friends and stalkers--what games do you enjoy playing with your preschoolers? What's the best one to start a life-long obsession with? (To enter your answer, just go down to the end of the post where it says "Posted by Rae at time # comments" and click the comment part. Then you just basically fill in the blanks in the right-hand column!)

And, finally, for the sheer cuteness of it, I give you this:

Punk begged to hold Zane every time I did. Christina got this shot before the predictable crying spell which always ensued approximately 42 seconds into any such "cuddling" by Cousin Punk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rae~
Glad to see I am not the only one with a thing for board games!
I highly recommend Hi-Ho Cherrio and and don't break the ice. Not so fond of don't spill the beans-to easy to tip over!!


Ambre said...

Hungry Hippo's and Memory rule at our house. We love games too! Have you and your husband ever played "Settler's of Catan"?

Erin said...

My 4 yr. old loves Candy Land, Memory and Gold Fish.

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