The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


I love it and hate it. Mostly hate it. No, mostly like it. I don't know. It gets me all riled up and I can't tell if my tummy feels this way because I'm excited or sick.

We had a guy from a moving company come over this morning to do an estimate of what it will cost to have professionals move us to WI. As we drifted through the house with me saying, "That's moving....No, I'm selling that...We're taking everything in this room..." my stomach started playing tricks on me. I've been putting off grieving the things I'll miss about living here in Boise, but taking inventory of our possessions just made it that much more real (plus we sold the extra car this morning, and my dishes yesterday). So, I thought I better blog. About the things I'll miss. About what is absolute terrifying me right now. About the things I'm looking forward to.

I'll miss...

  • seeing the little chapel where we got married every time I drive down Broadway.
  • my church family.
  • my New Beginning Africa families support group.
  • my house.
  • driving by the hospital where Punk was born.
  • the convenience of living in town.
  • Broadway in Boise and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.
  • having nearby things to do with the kids: the zoo, Ivywild Park, the other parks, Discovery Zone, etc.
  • being able to run out and grab that one thing I forgot--or calling Aa to bring it home with him.
  • mild winters!
  • bringing our kids home to the community that has supported us through our wild journey (Boiseans, I PROMISE to bring the kids back to see you!)
  • knowing where I'm going!
  • deciding at the last minute that I don't want to cook dinner after all and that we really should go out to eat.

I'm terrified that...

  • I won't have any face-to-face friends.
  • we won't be able to find a church where we fit and can serve.
  • winter will be colder than I have imagined.
  • I'll end up home-schooling (please don't attack me if you home-school--I'm not against it, it just scares me half to death!)
  • the reality of working with Aaron will fall far short of my expectations.
  • I'll have trouble feeling at home in a "borrowed" house.

I'm looking forward to...

  • real, live thunderstorms!
  • a place for my boys (including the big, balding one!) to explore and romp and play.
  • being closer to my family (especially since they play GAMES on holidays!).
  • ministering together with Aa in a way that highlights both our strengths.
  • being surprised by a frog leaping out of my son's hands.
  • making another house our home (decorating and personalizing it).
  • getting to know Harold and Patty as people instead of just heroes.
  • getting to know the Anglin family.
  • rambling around the countryside in autumn (on bikes or in a car).
  • driving up Green Gables lane on my way home!
  • quiet times in the porch overlooking the pond.
  • seeing the stars with more frequency.
  • visitors!
  • becoming more familiar with my children's first country.
  • being the first to see all the photos of all the children!
  • sending photos and updates to waiting families.
  • watching the sunset over the bay.
  • pretending to be Anne of Green Gables or Laura Ingalls Wilder (when no one else is looking!)
So, country-dwellers, what else should I be looking forward to? :)


Anonymous said...

1) Hearing about each Packer game in detail.

2) Wearing orange to be on the safeside when outside in November.

3) Redneck jokes

4) The best cheese in the country

5) The wind with no buildings in the way.

6) Cranberries - just what are they used for anyway?? Baking

7) Snow - who needs to get to town anyway???

8) The frest smell of manure

9) Roosters crewing at the crack of dawn....

OK so maybe you won't enjoy all of those.

Carey (central WI)

Brandi said...

Ok, I have nothing to add b/c I live in ORLANDO! However, I do plan on being one of those visitors. I promise to stay up late and talk while helping in whatever area you need me, from organizing to imputing!

I'm also hear to grieve and be excited right alongside you. . .

Love you,

Bingaling said...

You will have fields and fields of fireflies to look forward to in the early summer. Watch for them at dusk.

Building lots and lots of snowmen with the kids in all that snow!

Taking the kids fishing.


Big water-balloon fights in the spacious yard (farm).

Thats all I can think of for now. It will be great! Though I totally understand the difficulty of giving up the old and adjusting to the new.

Thinking of you,

Amy said...

Hi, Rae...
I don't know much about the country, but I do know you'll get to attend every single Festival of Hope and meet TONS of kids and their families, and you'll get to escort some kids home to their families. :)
I am personally really looking forward to seeing you next August, with my big, chubby, healthy, eating-by-mouth Ruby, and your two beautiful Liberians, and our red haired boys... and Lily. (And our terrific hubbys too.) :)
- Amy

Anonymous said...

I love that your looking forward to list is longer than the others! That's great!

You are moving to what I basically grew up with...and hope to someday move to!

Don't know much about WI...I know you have to like cheese and cows? Whole Milk?

Love, Denise

Becky said...
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Scott and Katy said...

Okay, now I want to move to WI too. I have a typical So.Cal. yard... cement patio!

amber said...

Oh... change gets my stomach going in knots, too! I'll be praying that the transition is easy.

You know how much I love living in the country -- I could go on and on about the things to look forward to! One of my favorites things is going for a walk alone, and its just me for miles and miles and I feel so small in such a big, beautiful world! I love being able to see God's handiwork everywhere... His fingerprints are all over the trees and mountains and ponds. I feel so close to Him when its just the two of us on a walk.

Peter has extended family in WI. Its beautiful. We spent some time last August exploring the state. I'm looking forward to being one of those "visitors" next time we head over to see his fam.

I can't wait to see pictures!


PS... my stand-by for "I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight" is frozen pizza!! Stock up!!

Campbell's Hope said...

hey Rae never posted before but you missed one thing the crickets. The sound they make keeps you wondering where their at and you realize they are all around you singing you to sleep or singing with you when you sing the kids to sleep..There is something about that familiar sound of the crickets song that will stay with you forever....Good Luck Rae it really sounds like God is moving you up.....Enjoy the country.

Anonymous said...

bugs, mice, and snakes.....LOL

and fresh air to take in and clear your thoughts and calm your fears....unless of course you live near the aforementioned cow manure....=)

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