The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Smiles, I Got Smiles!

(Editor's Note: I just changed the wording of the header. It used to say, "A Biological and Adopting Mother" but I thought that since the process is now complete--other than some minor details state-side--I have joined the ranks of the Adoptive Mothers! Yay!)

Today was a little frustrating (as things in Africa tend to be) because it was rainy and the guys in the office didn't keep their appointment to meet with me (after I did a lot of riding around in the van just to get there for the meeting!) and then I really wanted to go out to dinner, but that didn't happen either. Plans? Why make any plans?!

Our afternoon entertainment was the arrival of a container full of supplies from AOH-Belgium. a dozen guys unloaded everything onto the porch and everywhere around. Then a crane came and took the empty container to the back of the lot. There were some tight squeezes and harrowing moments, but they maneuvered it perfectly! Then, the dozen guys left and only the two American missionaries and the nannies from the special needs unit here moved everything back into the container for later use. What a production!

But, the highlights of my day were (1) when I went back to the orphanage to pick up Pea after the cancelled meeting and she toddled as fast as her wobbly legs could carry her to me! She hurried to put on her shoes and clung to me. It was so sweet! She knows "I her ma" as they say here! And (2), when I was changing her diaper after her nap, she was all naked and I just had to tickle that round belly! AND SHE SMILE, GIGGLED, AND LAUGHED for me!!! I've been tickling her since Day 1 and have only gotten the cold shoulder, but today she laughed!!! I got her giggling again at another diaper change later too. YAY!

One more story for tonight... Pea was sitting on one couch in the living room here in the guest house, giving her dolly a bottle. I was talking with another little 2 year old girl who is here--and she is very chatty! When there was a lull in my conversation with her, I glanced up at Pea... who was glaring at me something fierce! It was the longest bit of eye contact she's ever given me! It was pretty funny. I went over to sit next to her and she climbed up to be held and pouted a bit. I think both my kids are going to have a hard time learning to share me!


Brandi said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Go Ma!!

How sweet...I could just picture her little eyes glaring at you, like, "yoo hoo...over here... ME!! I get you!!"

Love it!!! Praise the Lord!!

Love, Denise

Missy said...

I am so enjoying reading about your time in Liberia and getting to know your sweet baby girl. Way to go adoptive ma. Love, Missy

Scott and Katy said...
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Doug & Lily Bradley said...
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Tarah said...

YEA!!!! I wish you were coming home (BOISE) with her! Isn't it amazing to be handed a beautiful little girl and feel your heart rush over with love?
What a blessing a smile is!

Jess said...

that is so great!!! Yah you crossed over..finally!

Scott & Andrea said...

I am so happy for you and your family!! I have not been able to catch up on your blog in FOREVER so your last few posts were a nice treat.
We all miss you around here... oh, and i really could use some cheesecake :)
Much love,
Andrea, Scott and Jackson Williams

Tami said...
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Anonymous said...

awwwww toooooo cute!!!!!!! so glad to hear that she is "claiming" her ma!

Becky said...
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Becky said...

I want some cheesecake, too. : (

Jen said...
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