The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Merry Christmas--More Photos

Another virtual scrapbook for your viewing pleasure. By the way, it seems completely unanimous that I should continue posting photos in this style. So, all of you with your fancy-schmancy slide shows--ha! My readers like MY way better! Well, except perhaps the stalkers, but since they don't even tell me they are here, I don't care if they do like slide-shows. So there.

So, last week we went to Wal*Mart and bought this lovely plastic Christmas tree. And, yes, in case you're wondering, it does look very much like plastic and even more like it came from Wal*Mart. But, it was cheap, so if we never use it again...oh well. I was extremely tempted to just put it up and decorate it myself, or maybe with A, and suprise the kids with a beautiful Christmas tree the next morning. Unfortunately, I talked myself out of that very good plan in favor of allowing the children to help. Any of you who have or have had a two- and three-year-old will understand what "help" means to me these days. Hmmf.

It was a combo of fun and frustration, and we got a few funny photos out of it. I have no idea any more where this hat came from. It's supposed to have batteries in it so that it lights up somehow. But, it's fun in low-tech mode too.

We have about 100 of these silver bells (see below) left over from our wedding. Instead of being pelted by rice or birdseed (which I have heard isn't fun to pick out of your hair or underpinnings), we gave all the guests a little bell to ring as we made our way to our thong-covered honeymoonmobile. Anyway, that's a different story. I kept the bells, not knowing really what to do with them, but unable to throw them away. Our first Christmas we decorated the tree with A's ornaments from his childhood and the bells. We use less of them now, but they are still a prominent "theme" on our otherwise hodge-podgey Christmas trees.
Pea had a lot of fun organizing and ringing them while the other ornaments were being put on the tree by my men-folk.

And, no tree-trimming experience could be complete without an elf. And, no elf could be cuter than this one.

This weekend, Punk discovered the joys of sledding. My mom gave Punk a snonut for Thanksgiving and Pea a toddler sled thingy (which we didn't get a picture of her totally enjoying because the men-folk were too busy on the hill on the other side of the main house to photograph us girlies running laps around the office/house). So, this weekend we finally had a chance to get out and enjoy the snow with the kiddinkidinks. Pea still doesn't like being cold (which is a nice excuse for me to not have to stay out too long), but she now LOVES snow-fall. She turns her sweet, giggling face up to the sky and throws her arms out and lets the flakes kiss her all over! It's a very sweet picture--which I don't have a picture of. Yet.

Saturday, we went into town on errands and the car thermometer said it was 1 degree when we left. It was about 15 when we returned in the early afternoon. I'm just sayin' so when you see how we're all bundled, you realize it's not that we're just wimps or something. Oh, and the goggles--well, they were Punk's idea.


Becky said...

This was a great post, Rachel! I always enjoy your virtual scrapbooks and commentary. I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

ok, that looks like some serious chilly willy weather! You guys look like your dressed for the north pole! I hope you have a bathtub to soak in and get your blood moving!!!! brrr!!!BUT, when it gets've gotta have goggles on! love the goggles!!!!

...and Aaaron's ?hat?!!


From Five to Eight said...

When the hat picture was downloading...I thought it was your tree! :) That would have been one ugly Wal-mart tree !
Love the sledding pictures. You do look warm! (it's 14 here this morning...warming up!

Brandi said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures! Your kiddoes are precious!!
Decorating a tree with kids does certainly make things more of a challenge-just remember thats what makes all those wonderful family memories for the kids!!
Julie L

Blu and Darbi said...

I can't even begin to fathom snow like that--my kids would be freaking out! It actually got down to 60 yesterday so we pulled out all our winter clothes! :) Love the pics!


Stefanie said...
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Anonymous said...

my girls has a great time looking at the pictures of their friend!!! I am hoping and praying that everything is going great, she seems to be ajusting like a champ!
and the hair looks great

Tarah said...

So cute!!! Love the hat on A!!
Lookin good in fur miss Rae.
Miss ya!!!

Brandi said...

I just thought to show these pics to Davis and he kept reaching and smiling and trying to say her name!


Scarlett_333 said...

Saw your blog on the blog about Ruby and thought I would pop in and say hi! Your kids are adorable!


Sarah and Nick said...

Very sweet pictures Rachel! You have a beautiful family. Oh Brr... seeing all that snow makes me cold!! Hope you're all keeping warm!


Jamie said...

OH man are we going to freeze when we come up north. Yuck!

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