The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Wet Jeans

Don't ya hate the feeling of wet jeans? Wet clothes in general are awful, but there's something really, really bad about wet jeans. Especially when the wetness is from pee. And, the pee did not come out of your body. The one who peed on your jeans? Yeah, he came from your body. But the pee? No. It's just all over your jeans. And, you're in a public restroom. At a restaurant. Because your dish-doing husband didn't do his dishes, so while there are things to eat in your home (see previous post about the delicious lasagne), there's nothing to eat on in your home. But I digress. Being the thinking-ahead good-mother that I try to be, I brought an extra pair of panties and jeans for my potty-learning son, but, honestly, it never occurred to me to bring another pair for myself. Sigh. Maybe next time I'll be smarter and bring me some replacement jeans (didn't need his replacement set in case you were wondering). Or, maybe I'll encourage better focus on the aim-requiring task at hand (but public bathrooms are soooo darn interesting!). Or, maybe the dish-ditching man can take the wee (ahem) toddler to the MEN'S room where he really belongs anyway.


Tarah said...

Dear Aaron,
Slacking on dishes??? hmmm
I really do think you ought to be taking the boy to the "mans room". Just have to say, aiming a pee pee at the wall urinal must be easier!

Kinda think this is your destiny. Wet jeans are SOOO nasty, but better than puked on jeans!!

Brandi said...

Yes, nothing is worse than realizing you smell. . .not just you smell something, but it's coming from you b/c your kid has peed on, pooped on or thrown up on you! So sorry!! It's all over soon. Brayden hasn't had an accident in months now! I finally stuck a change of clothes for myself in my car. . .I don't put it in the diaper bag to take up room, but at least it's there. (hmmm? Is it there right now? I'll have to recheck that since I have ANOTHER one to potty train soon!)


Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of potty training! We are in the midst of it too! Only a mother could deal so well with another's bodily fluids all over you! A change of clothes for Mom in the car is a good idea!
Julie L.

Anonymous said...

wet jeans in sub zero weather too! maybe the dish ditching hubbie owes you another Sun afternoon "date!" Love, Denise

Alward Family said...

I thought the wet jeans were going to be from the snow. Potty training is truly my weakest moments!!!


Anonymous said...

Panties.. you are so a girl. Your little boy doesn't wear panties! He wears manly underwear, briefs or boxers. It's OK I still goof and ask my future men i9f they changed their panties.

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