The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Stalking Me Through My Shampoo

So I have a bloggy friend (Jamie, of Fully Operational Battle Station) who lives back in Boise. I got to meet her once after reading her blog for months. But, promptly after meeting her, I decided that moving to Extreme Northern Wisconsin was as akin to joining the Witness Protection Program as possible. I mean, how much safer can you get than the Arctic right here in America?

But, she found me. Err, well, I suppose I found her. In the shower. Yes, my shower. Every single day. I'm innocently enjoying the only private moment in my day, when I pick up my shampoo, only to see Jamie's gorgeous face pasted onto the bottle, smiling coyly back at me! Yipes!

Well, such a bold invasion of my privacy demanded a confrontation. So, I promptly emailed said Jamie requesting an explanation. Did she used to model? Does she have a long-lost twin she never told us about? Did someone steal a photo of her and her hot mini-van from her blog simply to erase the mini-van and illictly use her mug for shameless shampoo advertising? Did she somehow stalkishly plant herself in my shower so that I can never forget her?

Her response to my highly confrontational email? A very humble one: "The hair model does have similarities to my totally awesome face, I have to admit. :) I mean, not REALLY, but we do look like we could be 3rd cousins twice removed. Possibly."

Hmph. Are we satisfied, e-friends and stalkers?! NO! Hrrumph!

Now that you know the true side of the story, check out her version. She also has incriminating photos on her blog (both her own snapshots and a link to a pic of the shampoo bottle). Manipulate your windows so that you can so a side-by-side comparison of the gal on the tall bottles with Jamie's "sipping soda" picture. I know you'll all be on my side and see the eerie resemblance right away. Oh, be warned: she DOES stoop to poking fun at me and calling me "whacko" in her post. Feel free to leave a nasty comment.

Oh, and if any of you start showing up on my daily-use items....


Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I should have seen a rebuttal coming. :)

Miss you in Boise! This SUCKS!


Tarah said...

:) I kinda think it looks a bit like Jamie!
Missing you!

Anonymous said...

Does bear some resemblance! Loved her mini van pictures and blog!
What a fun post for the both of you!
Julie L.

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