The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Comments, comments, comments

Well, so I have completed the big job of changing the kid's names to their aliases and now I'm deleting all the comments that have their actual names in them. So, if you discover your comment is missing, that's why. It's not cuz I don't like you, nor am I mad at you, nor did you say anything inappropriate (except the google guy*, but I don't think he's coming back). In future, please remember to use their aliases! :)

And, while we're on the topic of comments and strange people reading my innermost thoughts, I thought it'd be nice to call you stalkers out of the woods. Some new people have left comments lately, but if you've never done so, would you please do so now? You can sign the guestbook or leave a comment. Just tell me why you're hanging around, k? Thanks!

*Editor's Note: The "google guy" left a somewhat creepy comment about having found my blog while doing a google search for laughing in connection with, shall we say... intimacy. He left the comment after I stopped looking for the comments on that post. Which is the main reason I've gone to moderating comments. Sometimes I forget that it's not just my girlfriends (and stalkers, of course--but I thought all of you were girls too) around here!


Anonymous said...

Debbi in Idaho here

Loni said...

I also have adopted African children- a boy 15-1/2 and a girl 13-1/2 years old from Sierra Leone. I stumbled upon your blog and am interested solely in the fact that you are also an adoptive mom.


Loni Olson

Loni said...

PS: Our blog is if you would like to come over and visit us. . . I must say I am lousy at keeping it up and have not posted anything since, I think, December! :)


K.A.M. said...

Hi Rachel, my name is Lisa and I think I have signed your guestbook before but I am just making sure as a stalker that I check in. I orginally heard about your blog from the adoption agency, A New Beginning, where I work, here in Boise. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures before you were in WI and now since your arrival. I lived in the back woods of WI (Cable a tiny town of 200 up north) before we moved here to Boise so I enjoy your ramblings about life as a mom, I have three of my own, as an adoption worker and as a fellow sister in Christ. Thanks for sharing your insights and thoughts I consider it an honor to pray for you and your family as you serve Him. Where ever He lead

Tarah said...

Because I love you!
Where did I miss a post about strange google man????????? I had a lady leave a very personal question on my blog the other day. COMPLETE stranger. UGH.

Your kiddos are looking gorgeous. Can't wait for our girls night!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel so special - like I have an important spot in your blog - I found the google guy! And I'm the first to comment on your "Comments" post! :-) Thanks for the good reads!

Kait said...

I think I've commented once, but I'm a lurker. My husband and I are intending to adopt in the next couple years, which is why I was interested in your blog.

I don't really use mine much, but it's there!

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Melodie. I have been stalking you for awhile. I started when I heard about you through the adoption agency I used to work for. As I saw your last name matched to a little girl in my orphanage I developed an insane curiosity for the family that would be adopting this child. My stalking relationship continued even as you came to Liberia to visit the country. I didn't let on to anything, but as you ate dinner at my house, I had a tape recorder running and have since transcribed every word you said while I was in your presence. Later I followed you as you came for your little girl. Then again, in the states I snuck up to WI to snoop around your office and apartment. Did you notice any important documents missing after my visit? Yup, that was me. I even "used" your bathroom once, to secretly go through your medicine cupboards. Now after over a year of stalking, I am finally confessing.

P.S. You don't have to post this! I just thought I'd make up another creepy comment for you since you loved the one from the "google guy" so much!!

Lots of Love,


rrt said...

okay...u know i read your blog and never comment other than to you on the phone! soooo, since my kids are home now and i can't really call you during the day to just chat, since you are working, i figured i would finally break down and leave a comment so you know that i still exist!!

my girls are still wearing their bathing suits...i will send a pic to u when i can!!


Rae said...

Thanks everyone for commenting! Cool! And, Melodie--yes I did have to post that! I knew there was something about you... :)

Andrea said...

i am stalking you because we all miss you!! and your cheescake. we had dinner at the cheesecake factory the other day and i was sad because it wasnt like yours. so really i am not stalking you but stalker your food :)
much love and friendship,

Missy said...

I'm watching you and yes, I know where you live ;-) But it's just me, so you don't need to be worried. Missing you very much...and as a sidenote, if I find the time soon, I will be starting my own blog on the Great Photography Adventure :-) I'll let you when it's up.

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