The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Even More Progress

Well, I'm pleased with the progress we've made since the last post. I'd say we're pretty much what you'd call potty-trained! Can I hear a big YAAAAAAY! And, we're done painting for a while. Again, YAAAAAAY!! (We wound up doing all the painting first, and now on to the flooring.)

So, Pea hasn't had an accident for several days, "holds it" for long periods of time, and even now tells us when she has to go! Hooray! Considering pre-school starts a week from tomorrow, we're even ahead of schedule. This mama is proud and happy.

I'm also really pleased with how the paint turned out. The stripes are better than I envisioned and the colors look great too. Here's some during and after photos for you!

It took several hours to get the tape lines on the walls we did. After considering this and the fact that the rest of the great room is quite broken up with windows (which pose an impediment to the laser level as well as serving to break up the long expanse of wall anyhow), we decided that doing half the room would be the perfect design solution! :) I really love the effect and I think we made the right choice. I do think it would be fun to carry the uppermost stripe of 50/50 (which we've taken to calling "Maca-Muffin") over the windows on the long wall, but I'm going to see how it looks when we dress the windows before making the final call.

Here's the great room from the front hall so you can see where I'm thinking of extending the top stripe over the windows. It would be about centered between the ceiling and the window frames. But, like I said, I think I need to see it with curtains before I decide.
Here's the rug that's going under the sectional couch back there. I just ordered it last night, so it should be here in the next 2 weeks at the latest.
The living room has me a little worried. I'm anxious to change out the lighting fixture and get the furniture in there. I have these two lovely wingback chairs that are green. I compared and compared the sample square against them, but the paint color looks more olivey than I thought it would. I'm not sure the chairs are really going to "go." But, the color looks much more like what I'd anticipated in the study, so I'm thinking it might just be the lighting... I hope. We'll have to get the floor in there before we can move in the furniture though, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

The study is not all that impressive right now, but I think it'll really come together with the rug that goes in there (which we got for a steal at TJ Maxx--I love that place!) and things on the walls and the furniture arranged properly! ;)
I had some trouble photographing the kitchen color (it's pretty true in the first photo below), but I think it's my favorite of all! The stripes come close, though. It really is just about the same color as the paprika in your spice cabinet. It's really pretty and I love it. I think it looks great with the floor and really brings the room together. Speaking of the floor, did I tell you we have that new fangled cork flooring in there? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and highly recommend! We put a very high-gloss (as you can see) poly on it and we're considering putting on another coat, this time less glossy. Trouble is, you're really not supposed to "live" on it for a few days afterward. And, that's kinda impossible considering the kitchen is the heart of the home (literally and figuratively). Plus, I happen to like shiny things! Thoughts?This photo's a little "washed out," but I wanted you to get a good glimpse of the floor!
So there you have it. Paint is done! Flooring, curtains, wall hangings, throw pillows... it's definitely a work in progress, but at least the progress is easy to see!


Mommy of Three said...

I try to catch your blog once in awhile. I really enjoy it.

I love what you're doing to the house. Is the floor stained concrete? We did that in our house and I love it!

Hope you guys find a great church! I'll be praying for you.

Tanya said...

Great pictures! Glad you are done painting:)

Anonymous said...

I see Lion and Lamb in one of those pictures! Now that I see the colors and the rug, i'm more inspired to finish your afghan.

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