The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Calling on the Domestic Divas

Since y'all (see I'm catching on to this southern-speak!) were so helpful with the sink stink (well, technically, nothing you suggested helped, but I suppose it was sort of a trick question in the end), and since we all know I'm on a roll if I sweep the floor once a week making me a sure contender for the Worst Housekeeper in America Award, I have a couple more "issues" for you to solve.

Issue #1: Streaking. Well, I actually have two problems that fall into this category--naked children running amok in the house and the real problem--but we're only going to attempt to solve one of these. What do y'all use to clean your laminate floors? Everything I've tried (Swiffer Wet and Simple Green Naturals Floor Care) have left streaks all over my beautiful flooring. Actually, I love the Simple Green for the kitchen floor, but laminate is a problem. Any helpful suggestions?

Issue #2: Sticky, grimy wood chairs. We've had our dinette set for 8 years, and Aaron bought it used probably a year before we were married. The problem is that the tops of the backs--ya know, where you grab them to pull them out--are NaaaasTY! And, now, with the kids not using boosters, some of the seats are getting awfully grimy too. I tried to clean them up a couple of years ago with Murphy's Oil Soap, but I wound up taking off the finish with the grime, so I stopped. A told me later that they are finished with wax. This means that Murphy's and just about everything else on the market is inappropriate. I HAVE to get these clean. Typical to my household management style, it's a crisis and must be dealt with now! Please help!

I'm counting on you, Ladies. Don't let this beautiful new-to-me home endure these blemishes any longer. I may even come up with a reward for the best solution(s). Heeeeeelp!


Jess said...

Have you tried a little Dawn and hot water on the chairs with a very soft plastic pot scubber from the sink? I think that's what I would try. :)

Annee said...

I use Shacklee's basic H the degreaser formula on my chairs.

Tami said...

I totally have the same problem! I even take them in the back yard to hose down and scrub (my chairs are much older than yours, but still wood). I'm going to try Bona Kemi (sp?) that I use on my wood floors. That is the ONLY that cleans my floors without a yucky film.

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