The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Church Search--Vacillating

Well, as planned, we attended the second church again today. On the way over there this morning, Punk asked, "Are we going to our new church today?" I told him we were and he was really excited. Like I said, the children's ministry there is pretty darn good.

The senior pastor was still out of town, so the message/sermon was given via video, which was kinda interesting. Personally, I would have preferred if someone else could have preached live. Certainly, in that size church, someone could have stepped in.

Today I felt like everything was more "churchy" and less genuine. Of course, tape-o-pastor probably was part of that. And, there was a long, drawn-out altar call (by the father/founding pastor who used to be the pastor until a week or two ago) which culminated in one of those repeat-after-me prayers. I find that considerably humiliating and condescending. Why can't grown adults be expected to speak to God for themselves, in their own words, even if it is the first time?

I'm really wrestling with the concept of how they (seem to) have organized the church's government. If I understood correctly (which I'm still leaving open to doubt because I'm having trouble believing it), there's a serious heart issue behind organizing a church this way and that has been bothering me all week. I feel that I owe them the opportunity to explain this more fully before "writing them off," but at this point, I'd really like to just go back to the first church and be done with it all.


Beth said...

I'm coming out of stalker-dom to share my opinion of this (if you don't want it feel free to delete it ;-)). I went through a very simmilar "church search" when we moved last time, and, well the move before that.

Honestly I think you should follow your gut feelings on this. For me it came down to not everything is always going to be logical, and sometimes we are led to make illogical decisions for reasons we don't yet understand. When I allowed myself to become involved in the church we were comfortable at, is when other things that made me uncomfortable living where we are started to fall into place (like finding a social life for both me and my kids!).

This isn't saying anything is wrong with church number 2, just that it seems like #1 is a better fit for your family, even if you don't know all the reasons yet.

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