The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

How 'Bout a Re-do?

Well, Pea's last set of braids lasted 6 weeks. The growth is just too much for me. It just looks silly and sloppy to me. So, out they came.
I had planned on putting in new braids using the old parts, but decided that all that extra "hair" is probably too hot for summer. Plus, I've heard of lots of braids coming out in the pool. So, eventually, I'll put in some flat twists or box twists, but for now it's free (my favorite style on her, actually) and we got a compliment from a Black lady at the grocery store yesterday. Others, who didn't realize that her hair was in extentions, have been shocked to see that I "cut" it! :) Hee hee.
Punk's had a little re-do of his own. The canvas bins that he's had to store his toys since he was eensy were getting somewhat raggedy (and, truth be told, somewhat dangerous, what with their frames poking out). Punk was quite concerned about the state of affairs and begged me to get some new bins. I opted for less-cute-but-more-practical plastic tubs this time. They have lids, so they're stackable. And, they were on sale.
Punk was bummed that he had to wait until after his nap yesterday afternoon to start organizing the menagerie. But, he got a great start on things before we headed to a meeting at church after dinner. Because I get to talking and can't pull myself away, we didn't get home from that meeting until after 9 PM. We hustled the kiddinkidinks into their beds and did the quick version of the bedtime routine.
I was reading myself to sleep around 11:00 when I heard some bumps and thumps next door. I expected my wee one to pop out and use the bathroom. Nope. Just more bumping and thumping.
I opened the door and there he was, in the glow of his night light, standing there next to his train table, with the guiltiest look on his face.
Me: "Whatcha doin', Bud-bud?"
Punk: "I couldn't sleep. The train table was such a mess. I had to clean it up."
Me, scooting him toward his bed: "Oh. Well, I'm glad that you want to keep your things neat and tidy, but it's way past your bedtime. It's even past MY bedtime! I'll make sure you have time to finish this up tomorrow, okay?"
Punk: "Okay, Mama. Good night."
Me: "Good night, Punkinhead."

Gee, was he industrious--there's not much left to do today!


My Man and Me

My Man and Me
married 7/7/2001


ours through biology, born 7/25/2004, home 8/1/2004


ours through adoption from Liberia, West Africa, born 7/15/2005, home 10/25/2007


ours through domestic adoption, born 1/15/2011, home 2/10/2011, final 8/3/2011

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Round Two Timeline

  • 9/24/08 Home study update home visit for Ghana adoption
  • 10/15/08 Dossier sent to AOHG
  • 10/15/08 I600A application sent to USCIS
  • 10/30/08 First heard about possible domestic private adoption
  • 11/18/08 Last spoke with contact about possible domestic adoption; expected to hear back about meeting with birthmother
  • 12/3/08 Withdrew application from AOHG
  • 1/6/09 Found out another family had been chosen for possible domestic adoption
  • 1/21/09 USCIS fingerprinting appointment
  • 1/8/09 Received USCIS fingerprinting appointment notice
  • 4/11/09 Sent Pre-Application to Covenant Care Adoptions for Domestic Infant Adoption program
  • 6/8/09 Social worker visit to update home study from International to Domestic
  • 7/24/09 Received completed home study update
  • 8/25/09 Went "on the list" for birthfamilies to choose from
  • 4/28/10 Found out a birth mom had chosen us
  • 5/8/10 Met the birth mom
  • 5/11/10 Got the call that birth mom changed her mind
  • 5/19/10 Birth mom's scheduled c-section
  • 11/30/10 Visit from DSS sw about foster parenting
  • 11/30/10 Got the call that another birth mom had chosen us
  • 12/21/10 Met with the birth mom
  • 1/15/11 @1:42 PM BB was born!
  • 1/19/11 ICPC (interstate) paperwork sent to GA for approval
  • 1/31/11 ICPC Clearance Approved
  • 2/10/11 Placement Ceremony and Pup comes home!!!!
  • 8/3/11 It's Official! Pup's Adoption Decree was issued