The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

400th Post!

Well, this is sort of a study in what not to do when styling your daughter's hair for her first day of Pre-K!!!! This took me two days (with lots of breaks and late starts both mornings) and is FAR from perfect. It looks pretty darn good, though. I'll tell you what went wrong (mostly so I can not make the same mistakes next time), but only because it's not a disaster!

So, this is the left side. It's shorter than the right side and has 10 fewer braids. Or, it did until I moved the part over one row. It's looks more balanced, but the side part makes her look even older (the extensions seem to add a few years no matter what!).Here's the back. Where I ran out of beads. I started beading from the bottom. Dumb. Note to self and those who copy me: Bead the top layers first! Or, make sure you have enough beads before you start! I know most people won't notice, but the sides have three beads per braid and the back has two. Plus, the top 3-4 layers have the glow-in-the-dark beads that I started with interspersed with the similar-but-smaller-and-brighter beads I had to sprinkle in to stretch the look. Oh, and if you happened to notice (while you were trying to distinguish the different bead types) that it looks uneven, I assure you it's not. She just cocked her head for the photo.And the right side. Just two more errors to report. The whole shebang isn't long enough to get into a ponytail, but I can do half- or whole-pigtails. And headbands. And, the parts are all really wack-a-doo. So, I won't be reusing them next time. Which means, I'll be doing this allllllllllll over again in about two months. But, hopefully that'll set me up for the winter!
She'll be the cutest pre-Ker at school on Monday! :)


Tarah said...

I SOOO wish our hair do's lastest more than a week. ahhh, a month sounds like heaven. What age did you start doing braids with extensions???

Rae said...

Hey Tarah,

Siah's hair is much tighter that TT's, so that might have something to do with it. I've also noticed that as it gains length, it's staying in longer. And, of course, braids hold longer than twists. I can keep box braids in her hair for about 3 weeks or so. I started with yarn extensions late last winter/early spring. But, it was more about my confidence in doing it than anything. The thing with the extentions that makes you have to redo them is that the hair grows out on top and you wind up with an inch or more of unbraided hair on top. It's vulnerable and weird-looking. If not for that, she could keep extensions in for, like, ever (to borrow a phrase!). :) If TT can sit for a whole movie (1.5-2 hours) you could try it. You'll go through several movies, but you can take breaks. This time took two days because of all the breaks we took. I'd start with short extensions until you know how well she handles the weight of all the extra "hair" Good luck!!!!!

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