The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


15 June 2010

Saturday evening, A and I had the opportunity to go to a leadership development event at our church. The speaker was Dr. Frank Harvey, our pastor's pastor, who also spoke at our regular church services Sunday morning. (What follows is a blend of what Dr. Harvey taught in all three messages and what I think about it. If you find any wrong thinking, it's mine!) He spoke about God's creative power in us. God is a creative God and since we bear His image, we are creative too. In His power, we can be a part of bringing into existence new things, things that haven't been seen or done before. But, in order to do that, we first must see the new thing. We have to see beyond what is to what can be, what will be, what God wants to bring into our reality. That's why God is a giver of visions, dreams--so that we can see what He wants to do.

A while back I blogged about the similarities between our journey of faith with the adoption and Abraham and Sarah's walking out their faith in God's promise to them. Pastor Frank brought up Abe and Sarah's story and how God gave Abe a vision of his descendants when He told him to look at the number of stars in the sky. It takes faith to believe that what God has shown you will become reality. In fact, Hebrews 11:13 says "All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance." Before the promises were made reality, Abe and the others saw the truth and believed.

Hebrews 11:1 says, "What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." Now, I've heard this verse many, many times before, but I got to thinking about that word "evidence." Evidence is the proof of something that happened. Evidence is the result of something. Evidence in the courtroom is something left behind that tells the story of what happened, or it can be the testimony of an eye-witness. So, "evidence" of something that hasn't happened yet is a bit of an oxymoron. I think I may have even heard a movie line once to the effect that you can't prove what hasn't yet occurred (bonus points if someone can tell me where I got that!). It's like the very fact that He told me He was going to exceed my expectations regarding this next adoption, and I believed Him, is the proof that it will happen. Faith is the proof that what is not yet reality will someday come to pass. Kinda trippy, huh?

Other translations of Hebrews 11:1 relate the first part of the verse as "Faith is the substance of things hoped for..." Substance. Substance is observable. Touchable. Holdable. It has weight and reality. In fact the Greek word can be translated as "basis, foundation" or even "existence." Faith is the foundation of our hope. It sounds almost cyclical--we hope something God promised will come to be because we have faith. Our faith supports our hope and makes it real. Faith is the part of the promise that exists in our present reality. It's not some namby-pamby hope like "I hope it doesn't rain today." Not a wish. Not something left to chance. But a reality.

In my situation, I KNOW that God will come through. I don't know how I know. I don't have to work up the knowing. I just KNOW. He said it; He'll do it. He showed me what He could do and I know He'll do even better than that! I've never really had faith like this before. Maybe that's why I never really considered the faith-evidence oxymoron before. Just something I'm thinking through.


My Man and Me

My Man and Me
married 7/7/2001


ours through biology, born 7/25/2004, home 8/1/2004


ours through adoption from Liberia, West Africa, born 7/15/2005, home 10/25/2007


ours through domestic adoption, born 1/15/2011, home 2/10/2011, final 8/3/2011

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Round Two Timeline

  • 9/24/08 Home study update home visit for Ghana adoption
  • 10/15/08 Dossier sent to AOHG
  • 10/15/08 I600A application sent to USCIS
  • 10/30/08 First heard about possible domestic private adoption
  • 11/18/08 Last spoke with contact about possible domestic adoption; expected to hear back about meeting with birthmother
  • 12/3/08 Withdrew application from AOHG
  • 1/6/09 Found out another family had been chosen for possible domestic adoption
  • 1/21/09 USCIS fingerprinting appointment
  • 1/8/09 Received USCIS fingerprinting appointment notice
  • 4/11/09 Sent Pre-Application to Covenant Care Adoptions for Domestic Infant Adoption program
  • 6/8/09 Social worker visit to update home study from International to Domestic
  • 7/24/09 Received completed home study update
  • 8/25/09 Went "on the list" for birthfamilies to choose from
  • 4/28/10 Found out a birth mom had chosen us
  • 5/8/10 Met the birth mom
  • 5/11/10 Got the call that birth mom changed her mind
  • 5/19/10 Birth mom's scheduled c-section
  • 11/30/10 Visit from DSS sw about foster parenting
  • 11/30/10 Got the call that another birth mom had chosen us
  • 12/21/10 Met with the birth mom
  • 1/15/11 @1:42 PM BB was born!
  • 1/19/11 ICPC (interstate) paperwork sent to GA for approval
  • 1/31/11 ICPC Clearance Approved
  • 2/10/11 Placement Ceremony and Pup comes home!!!!
  • 8/3/11 It's Official! Pup's Adoption Decree was issued