The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Precious boy, Precious girl

I have been crying all day, it seems. Everyone knows I'm a cryer and I really do have hormones to blame for this, but it's not just that.

Today Oprah had a whole community of people who adopted a whole Liberian Boys Choir (and then some). They were so honoring to God and to the children. It was amazing and I blubbered through the whole thing. Sweet Punky kept bringing me blankies and trucks and stuffed animals to make it all better. Precious boy.

Then, while I was making (burning) dinner, Donna called to update me on Norwai (whose name is pronounced "No-eye"--go figure!). We still don't have her medicals (blood tests) back, but we do have correct measurements and new photos. Friday, Donna said that her weight was listed as like 29 pounds or something--I don't really remember because Donna was certain is was wrong. Her measurements were an exact duplicate of another child's. Well, her correct weight is 16 pounds. Sixteen pounds. She's 18 months old and 29 inches tall. I'm not good with numbers or spacial reasoning, so I didn't really comprehend. I said, "But Donna, she looks so healthy in that photo--her face is nice and full..." Donna told me that most people don't realize that a bloated face and sparse or orangey hair are symptoms of malnutrition, like the bloated belly.

I hung up with Donna and ran down to look at the new pictures (that's how dinner got burned). Friends, when that email opened, I burst into tears. I can't look at it anymore and I won't post it here because it's just too much to bear. I can't even describe how she looked when I could see all of her. She's so teeny-tiny, but not in a cute or pretty way at all. She's wearing 9 month size clothing and it's hanging on her. She's sitting on the floor against a wall. Her arms and legs look like they don't even belong to her. She has the classic bloated belly and sparse hair. I cannot think of the words to describe the overall impression. She looks like a tiny brown snowman with twigs tossed on her to fall where they may, as if they would somehow give the effect of arms and legs. It's tremendously sad and almost horrifying. She's so malnourished and weak that she cannot walk or even crawl.

PLEASE PRAY for this dear little one. I do not know much about the effects of malnutrition, so I cannot give you specifics. Please pray for her health and healing. For her to gain weight and for her body to respond well to the good care she'll receive at the orphanage. Please pray for her little life to be spared and that she'll pull through. Pray for protection from disease that would do further damage.
If you're praying please just let me know. You can email me or just click on that "0 comments" at the bottom of this post. Thank you. I just need to know she is constantly lifted in prayer.


Chanda said...

I'm praying with you for your precious little girl! I will be praying that she will respond quickly to the good care provided by the orphanage and that she will gain weight and her health will improve!

Amy said...

Rae, just wanted to let you know I'm praying for sweet little Norwai and for your family as you endure this excruciating wait.
- Amy (a fellow AOH adoptive Mommy)

Tarah said...

Your family will be in our prayers. What an amazing little girl to fight so hard. You have such an amazing Father that will hold you all tight through this time.

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