The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Pray for Breakthrough

I just heard from Donna about Pence's situation (if you need a recap, it's at the end of the post) and we need prayers for a breakthrough. It seems that every attempt Patty makes on his behalf gets thwarted! Although Patty is doing everything in her power to have Pence released from the hospital, it seems we have not made a step forward! AoH is now hiring a lawyer to handle Pence's case specifically. Please, please pray that this will be effective and that we'll see breakthrough happen now! And please pray for my family. This is so discouraging. I need supernatural hope, faith, and peace, friends. Pray that God will so fill us that all fear and despair would be driven out of us. Thank you.

PS--Pea gained a pound and is doing better! Yay! Donna also was able to tell me her 'mysterious' given name. It's Nyandanea--isnt' that beautiful!

The brief recap: Pence's mother brought him to the hospital with her because she was very ill when he was itty. She passed away there and the hospital didn't know what to do with a one-month old baby but to raise him on the pediatric ward, so that's what they did. He has been well-loved and well-cared for there. We applied to AoH in April 2006, with a note that we were open to adopting an HIV+ child. Donna called to say that Pence, age 2.5-3, was available. At the time, the Minister of Health had ordered the hospital to release Pence to AoH, so Patty felt okay giving us the "unofficial" referral in July when we finally decided we could handle a child one year older than our (only) bio son. Then, the hospital refused to comply with the order from the Min. of Health, so Patty searched out relatives to sign relinquishment papers instead. After a promising lead, it appears that no one exists to do this. Next, Patty sent her lawyer/judge friend (a US/Liberian) to come up with a plan that appeased the hospital and the new Min of Health and we sent letters politely asking the hospital and Min of Health to send Pence home to us. Then, Patty sent a social worker to look into the case, but this person never reported back. Each of these steps took months, but that brings us up to date. What's it going to take to get this kid out of that hospital?! Uuurgh!


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