The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Different Kind of Racy!

This post is for those of you who don't read the comments section (you really should, you know, some of those people are actually funnier than me!).

Jennifer just alerted me that Net Nanny thinks I might be dangerous for young, impressionable children. After all, I have mentioned "intimate apparel" twice now (that I can think of). Just recently in my "tagged" post, I told you all about my poopy kindergarten panties (I didn't even hint at all the times I forgot to even put my panties on--like for my aunt's wedding [5 years ond] and one day when I was doing flips on the school's monkey bars [second grade]! Yipes!). And then, some time ago, I shared the story of the incredible exploding bra. So, be warned. Do NOT check my blog until the kiddies have gone to bed. They might read something here that will scar them for life. Net Nanny would not like that. And I can't have that on my conscience, friends.

(Good thing Net Nanny didn't catch me giving salmonella, uh, I mean cookie dough to my kid!)


Tarah said...

I always knew you had a little racy side!! :) Watch out... undergarments are pretty dang offensive!

Jennifer said...

panties, panties, panties! So there Net Nanny!

Becky said...

That cracks me up. You're going to need to put a rating on your blog from now on. : )

7,812 Miles said...

You are hilarious! Who knew you were such a bad influence?

Jen said...


I hadn't seen your blog for a while. While this post made me laugh, almost every other single one made me cry. I am longing for you to be with your whole family. My heart continues to grow for similiar things, though they are still in the dream stages of 'someday', but it is really amazing how similiar are desires sound at times. I am praying for you and would love to talk to you soon. We're sending 8 students to work with orphans in Mozambique this summer and I'm hoping to get there someday too. I'll call you soon and we can catch up. Love jen (hughes) Klier

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