The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Can't you see? I'm DELICATE!

I went back to the Health Department yesterday and got all the lovely immunizations I missed out on a few weeks back (find out why here). Yellow Fever, TwinRx (that's Hep A and B combo), Polio, and Typhoid (I opted for the shot over the live Typhoid pill as I hate the feeling of nausea and almost everyone gets nauseous from the pills.) The two "nicer" ones in the left arm, the two "nastier" ones in the right arm. Yes, I'm right-handed. Yes, I'm blessing the enemy who did this to me. Uuuurgh. Each time I try to raise my right arm beyond 90 degrees, I'm reminded to bless her some more. I have a lovely, creative hairstyle today, thanks to her. I'm somewhat dubious as to the coverage of my deodorant today, thanks to her. I winced in pain getting my shirt on today, thanks to her. But, I left one bandaid on my right deltoid to remind everyone who sees it to be kind to me today.

I'm not a sissy. Oh no. You see, I may look like an Amazon Woman, but the truth is I'm a delicate flower. Mama doesn't roughhouse because she's a delicate flower. Mama's arm is about to fall off from a couple of measly shots because she's a delicate flower. It's kinda like... I'm not picky. No, no, no. I'm specific, you see. It has taken some time to train Aaron in the proper terminology, but thankfully, Punk has been raised with these important values. So, please pity me. And, if you go to get immunized ask them to put the paralyzing ones in your LEFT arm for pity's sake!


Brandi said...

YOU? A delicate flower? Come on girl! You are getting crazy shots to travel to Africa, you are not a Pansy! (get it, a pansy is a delicate flower. . but often used to put someone down!) No you are just a precious treasure that needs to be treated as such!!! Love ya!

Tarah said...

:) Rae, I got SOO sick from those stinkin shots. I was puking and yucky for a day! Sorry dude!!!

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