The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Another "Mouths of Babes"

Well girls, I've let you into the bedroom and now I'm reduced to letting you into the bathroom. (If you want to turn back now, I completely understand. But, I promise I wouldn't bring it up if it didn't have a major "AAAAWWWW!!!!" factor.)

So, I was experiencing, ahem, intestinal troubles this afternoon. Gas pain, cramping. You know what I mean. Never one to be quiet, I consider pain a better than average reason to vocalize. Despite the fact that it can sometimes scare the wee one. I've thought about revising this policy, but I am who I am.

So, I'm in the bathroom, vocalizing my pain. Suddenly, the door opens. In bobs the cutest tiger-cub face: "Jesus, help her feel better." And as quickly as he appeared, he was gone.

It was so sweet and unexpected (whenever we pray, he'll give me ideas, but he always wants me to pray them.) My little boy is growing up!


InternationalMommy said...

Ahem....hope you are feeling better!! LOL!
What a cutie :)


Brandi said...

oh my, you are truly a piece of work!!! They say blogs are personal but this is a new level!! haha!

Love you!

Campbell's Hope said...

love your post when you said ok read really fast to get the full impact.
So funny I'm still laughing.....

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