The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

I Won! I Won! I Won!

(no this isn't the big announcement. Geez, you're impatient!)
I'm a very competitive girl (in everything from games to conversation) and I LOVE to win anything and everything! In fact, I spent Friday morning at a seminar about the DISC behavioral assessment. It's one of those self-awareness tools that self-absorbed humans like me just love to pour over. One page in my report says, "Rachel usually sees herself as being: Pioneering, Assertive, Competitive, Confident, Positive, and a Winner"! Another page says "Rachel wants: Public recognition of her ideas and results; Flattery, praise, popularity, and strokes" (translation: comments! Just kidding!) So, I'm very pleased to announce that I've won this Rockin' Girl Blogger award not once but twice! Thanks so much for the honor, Brandi and Jocelyn.
I'm not sure what the criteria are for passing this award on to other women, but I know I'm supposed to award five more. For me, a Rockin' Girl is one who makes me laugh or think, or better yet, both.
Mary at Owlhaven, is always thought-provoking and also resourceful. She'll send you to plenty of other places to make you think and laugh too.
Jamie at Fully Operational Battle Station is just downright funny. She can even make earwigs hilarious!
Tarah at Loving Each Day is a sweet friend. She's down-to-earth and really loves her three wee ones. Her posts may not make me laugh out loud, but they bring a smile and a warmth to my heart.
I enjoy the reflections of Jennifer at To Africa and Home and Narcissistic Tendencies (I wish I could steal that blog name!). She makes me think and laugh and smile. And she does a great $1.88 pedicure!
And, Amber at A Skyward Journey has a great balance of photos (she must always have her camera at the ready) and thoughtful journaling. Although she's new to the blog-world, she expresses herself well.
It was hard to narrow this down, so I'm glad some of my other favorite girls got tagged by others of you. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!


Owlhaven said...

Thanks, Rachel!!

Mary, mom to many, including 2 coming home from Ethiopia in August, praise God

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rae! You're a nice Internet.


Tarah said...

:) Thank you missy!

Brandi said...

Hey girl. . yes, you are a winner! I think I must test exactly the same as you on the DISC test. . hmmmmmm??!!

Praying for you and love ya,

amber said...

Gosh, thanks Rae!


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