The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Of Bedknobs and Broomsticks

(Okay, so there's no bedknobs, and I won't be speaking of broomsticks later, but close enough, right?) Thanks to my outstanding skills as a Shop Assistant, we now have one headboard assembled! It looks so good! These are lucky boys!

Between indespensible bouts of bed-assembly, I am doing some major house-cleaning. I know, I know. It's so unlike me. What could possibly be motivating this uncharacteristic scouring? Hmmmm. I leave that to your imagination, but may I boast that my bedroom is possibly the cleanest it's ever been since I moved in here? Shop-Master (who doubles as Mr. Clean) is quite pleased with the result, no matter the motivation!

Oh, what's that you say? Oh, you want to see my humble love nest? Well, you're in luck! You see, it's all tidied up! Here's the view from the door. Yes, that's a down comforter on my side of the bed, and yes, I did just take these photos 5 minutes ago. And, yes, today's high will top 100 degrees. But, you see Mr. Shop-Master Clean moonlights as the Ice-Man and must have a night-time temperature of 20 below in order to survive until morning. And, I kinda like the feeling of a warm weight under which to sleep.

Warning: The next image is NOT Net-Nanny approved! This is the view from my corner of the bed. See the glimpse of Pea's pink room across the hall? The picture on the wall was created my sissy, the artist. She created it for our Christmas gift a few years ago. I hope I don't scandalize any of my sensitive readers with this intimate glimpse of me and my man.


Tarah said...

hmmm... cleaning... are you nesting??? :) I like your house.

Chandra said...

Your room is too cute! I really like the colors and the paint scheme (maybe I should do that).
p.s. (caught your blog from Tarah's)

Anonymous said...

ok,as I've been recovering from some outpatient surgery, and floating on the wings of leftover anestesia, I've got it narrowed down to two things..(Your suprise, I mean...)both would be great. Can I put my guess in a box somewhere to be opened later?? hmmm???? Love, Denise

amber said...

Hey... Peter saw the pictures of the beds and was impressed -- so I guess now he needs to give Aaron a "rockin' shop-master award"! heheehe...

Anonymous said...

Ooohhhhh the headboard is awesome! LOVE the digs!

And I am REALLY annoyed because I can't see the distasteful art on the wall! BUMMER!



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