The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


I'm not a scrapper. I never will be a scrapper. I refuse to scrap. You'd think a gal like me who blathers her innermost turmoils for the world to read would be able to "journal" a few cute notes in a scrapbook. Nope. You'd think a gal like me who has the cutest orange haired boy in the country and a stunningly gorgeous daughter would take endless endearing pictures. Nope again. You'd think a gal like me who has a good color sense and enjoys decorating her home would be absolutely flawless at page design. And, sorry to say, you'd be sorely wrong one last time.

So, not only am I lacking the talent, I also have no time, no supplies, and (I hope to remedy this one soon) no physical friends with whom to share the joys of scrapping. That is, I imagine it might be a joy if you had the said talent, time, and friends. Besides, if I did a real-live, paper-and-glue (acid-free, of course) scrapbook, how would YOU revel in the glories I'd created?! Hmmm?

So, e-friends and stalkers, you see there is no other choice. Real-live scrapping is absolutely impossible, so I must do the better thing--post photos and cutesy little comments about them in the big white void of my blog. Good enough? :)

I'm placing them in chronological order, starting with our visit to my folks' house between Idaho and Wisconsin. So, if you can't wait to see the stellar shots of the kiddinkidinks together, indulge yourself. Go ahead and scroll on down, but come back because those that you are about to breeze by are cute in their own right, okay? :)

1. Well, Aaron got this shot of me here on the farm, but it's here to show the crazy bang-cutting episode which took place at my folks' house. My hair looks pretty okay, but I'd like to photoshop someone else's face in there. Mine looks something like a rehydrated albino raisin for some unknown reason (we could blame it on the sun and wind perhaps).

2. While we were staying at my folks' we popped over to the zoo. They have a children's zoo where you can brush the goats. Punk thought that was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Go figure!

3. When we used to visit the zoo as children, there were 2 concrete lions at the entrance. My sissy and I would each scramble onto one and my parents would capture the moment with Kodak. In that spirit, I give you...

4. Cleverly enough, the zoo map was all done in pictures. We asked Punk where he wanted to go next. This adorable mini-map-reader shot was the giggle-inspiring result.

5. Apparently a long day of fish-gazing at the Aquarium will do this to you...

6. And then, suddenly, life takes the camera to a different continent! This is Pea playing at the beach in Monrovia, Liberia. This was early in our relationship when she still wasn't really ever even looking at me.

7. But, it wasn't long until I was given the joy of seeing her smile! This is actually here at home on the farm and those are Punk's little hands helping me tickle my beauty into smiling!

8. The dynamic duo! They enjoyed playing together in Punk's crib.

9. Punk loves his little sister so much and he really wanted her to look at him. Something about this photo makes me think of (dare I say it?!) The Taming of the Shrew or Kiss Me, Kate. As her new mother, I probably shouldn't make such desparaging analogies to my little beauty, but the attitude is so there!

10-12. Finally, last night the Anglins took Punk to a Harvest Party. They even provided the costume. Could this kid BE any cuter?!


Tarah said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm with you in the scrap booking deptartment...just ain't gonna doing it! (I know my limitations :)
Enjoyed the pictures...beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just so long as your memories are preserved, it doesn't matter if it is online or in a scrap book!

So glad everyone is doing well. Your kids are super cute!!!


Becky said...

Thank you for the pictures! You look great with bangs.

In the scrapbooking department- You can do digital ones now. I know Creative Memories does them. You create your pages on the computer and since you are so good at journaling electronically, maybe that is your answer?

You have a beautiful family. Thank you for keeping us all updated.

Hugs from Idaho,

amber said...

I'm not a scrapbooker at all, either. I tried! I gave it my best shot, but the supplies sit in a rubbermaid tub for most of the year... I get a wild idea every now and then that perhaps I should give it another try... so I do, and I come to the same conclusion every time: God made some people scrapbookers, and I'm most definitely not one of them. Perhaps that's why I post so many pics on my blog! Its a way to make myself feel better about not scrapping!!!

I just LOVED these photos of your kids!! Wow. They are incredibly adorable. Can't wait to see more pictures!!!


Blu and Darbi said...

Love all these pics!! I tried it's a miracle to just get them developed and throw them in an album!!


(and I'm with Becky--I did an awesome digital scrapbook of our 2 years in Zambia and had it made into a's something I'll have forever but didn't require all the "scrapbooking talent" that I lack!)

MamaPPod said...
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alice said...

I would say that your propensity to manipulate the written word is evidence that blogging fits you much better than scrapbooking. A very enjoyable read!!
(was that the St. Louis Zoo?)

Anonymous said...
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Missy said...
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Jess said...

Love the pictures, I admit I read none of the post and looked at the pictures and then went back to read! She is one beutiful girl and they look amazing together!

If I had never started scrapping, I would do the digital books, snapfish and kodak have some great ones and I hear there are some computer programs that do it. Don't ever start....Those books look so much easier. :)

Denise Nelson said...

Dear Rachel, thanks for the blogging scrapbook. I have over 20 years of pictures to organize! All the scrapbookers tell me just start with one child (we have 8) or one event, etc. TOTALLY OVERWHELMING to me! The children look great and perfect together.

Have a great week

Brandi said...

What GREAT pictures! She is adorable! I love her smile and can't wait to hear her voice! I'm hoping that "dream" comes true soon where she's chatting so much you can't make her stop. . .then, the dream will be replaced by a new one! ha ha!

Love ya,

HSwriters said...
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Tama said...

I tried scrap booking...once! Went to one of those parties bought the honkin' package with everything you would need. Spent about a month getting all my photo's orgainzed into several square Klenex boxes, tagged and knew what I was going to do on each and every page...only to have my then 3 year old get ahold of those orgainized boxes and scatter them from here to eternity and that was the last attempt! She's eight now!Blogging works! Journaling/photos...and the best part...NO GLUE!

Anonymous said...


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