The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Beg and You Shall Receive

First of all, let me just say, I was a little nervous about posting the previous diatribe. I sincerely hope that no one took it personally because it certainly wasn't meant that way. I was a bit at wits end and needed to kinda poke fun at myself and the world. Most moments I do pretty well keeping a positive attitude, but every once in awhile the butt-load gets to me and I have to let the sarcasm out. Now that we've opened the relief valve on that one, let's get on with the positive attitude business...

So, my little blog beggars and site stalkers, you asked for more photos and I decided I'd oblige. In fact, when I stuck the do-hickey into the camera, I realized I had far more photos than I'd thought. So, you're in for a treat!

Someone said something about A escaping the lens, so here he is with the kiddinkidinks. Judging by the body language and facial expressions, my guess is this is from the first couple of days!
Last Sunday afternoon, Punk and I baked chocolate chunk cookies together (from scratch, not a tube--those tubes are just for a quick snack, people; if you're going to bake, you might as well do it right!). No signs of samonella yet!Yesterday was the first snowfall here. Punk was so thrilled, we put his snowsuit on right over his jammies and he was out the door like a flash. You can see in the first of this series that he was rather non-plussed at having to pause for a blog-worthy photo first! Editorial note prompted by the first few comments: There IS snow in these pictures (except the first, of course), you just have to look hard to see it. Of course it didn't stick--it was only the first snowfall!

This is my favorite of these--could he be any cuter?

Finally, here a few shots from this morning's bath time. Being a first time mother-of-siblings, I'm failing to understand how bathing two children together actually makes any aspect of my life one iota easier. Oh sure, it's fun for them (the photos prove that), but when it's over and you're the only one around measuring over 3 and a half feet tall (and that's being generous), how do you bundle, dry, lotion, diaper, and dress two children at the same time? Really. someone tell me. You, yes, you, the one snickering at my ineptness--tell me your secret! Pleeeeze! ;)

The goggles in the above pictures are from a "Red Baron Snoopy" doll. Punk and Pea were hilarious with them. Also note how Mr. Ribs took it upon himself to strategically place the toys so that I didn't have to find a black rectangle to hide his "privacy."

BONUS: I know you wanted pics of the kids, but A took this shot today. Yes, that's my real desk, my real pink post-its, and I'm having a real conversation on the real phone! Oh, and that's my real post-adoption flab sitting in my lap.


Jamie said...
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Brandi said...

What cute pics!!!! Thank you, thank you! I'm so glad all my begging worked! I must admit, I expected to see snow in the snow pics though! Guess a LOT more of that will be coming your way soon! he he!

Bathing 2? Well, I put quite a bit more water in than that. . .so, I take the first one out and the second (and oldest) stays in the tub to get to watch the water drain out! It also helps to have the jammies already laid out! Just my little ole tip!

Love the desk photo. What a cute face you are making. I'll post my cute "shots" face from good old yellow fever later!

Love you my friend! Call me sometime or you're off the list! ha ha! j/k I know life is crazy and I hereby now extend you a 2 week pass. However, when that is up, you're done!

Love you
Bran (this was practically a post in itself, not a comment! sorry!)

Faith said...

I love the pictures! They are so great! Just like Brandi I expected to see snow in the "it's snowing" pics. Maybe next time?
About bathing 2, I agree with Brandi but have also done it a bit different when my littles were to small to leave them in. I would get one out and towel them off, then wrap them in the towel to stand there. Get the other kiddo out, dry them, wrap them and pick them both up under your arms (they LOVE this) and carry them to the "dressing room". Lay them side by side on their towels and lotion each of them together and then jammie. It works great! I actually do this with 3 (except for the carrying part) and it goes super quick. Hope that helps some.
Blessings, Faith

Jess said...

Loved the pictures so sweet, especially the one of you!

Tama said...

Way cute!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Bryan and Stefanie Solt said...
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Blu and Darbi said...

lol Love the pics, but I have to say the last one was my favorite!!
Ya'll are doing an awesome job!

Becky said...

Dear Best Adoption Coordinator in the Word (a.k.a. Rae),

This was such a fun post! Thanks for the great photos!

I've never learned to give kids a bath at the same time, either. I think it is MUCH easier to give them separate baths. They get their occasional bath together for fun, but that's it!

: ) Becky

Tarah said...

I bathe all three at once. I get all clothing, diapers, lotion, EVERYTHING before we start. I take one out and dry them, lotion, put clothing on... Then the next, and the next, and... wait, stop, just three!
Love the real Ureta-Rae pic!

Beth said...

My solution to bathing two....Delegate it to DH. Yes in our house it's DH that does it most the time, He started with #1, and just continued with #2....He's much more fun and likes to play in the water. When I give the boys a bath I notice how dirty the bathroom is, and clean while they're in the tub.

Honestly when I do give the bath I started making them have some independence with drying themselves off and getting dressed earlier, like 3ish. However I also get one out at a time so I can help with what they need more of.

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