The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


I gave the kids hotdogs and banana bread for lunch today (I know--gourmet! I actually did home-make the banana bread earlier). Punk asked for mustard and so Pea said, "Nmn doo!" Punk asked for ketchup and so Pea said, "Mnm DOO!!" But then Pea didn't eat one bite of her hotdog. Instead, she dipped her banana bread in the ketchup. So NASTY!

She's also picked up a really, really nasty habit. Every nap time she poops in her diaper and then plays with it! It is sooooooo disgusting! Any advise on getting her to stop that?! Yipes!


Anonymous said...

If she is reaching in the back of the diaper, put her in a onsie. If she is reaching around through the legs, find clothes that cover the back and the legs, such as a sleeper.
It seems like that phase only lasts a couple of months usually...and I always clean off the hands quickly with a baby wipe, generally talking about how gross that behavior is and how the child should not do that. "playing with your poop is yucky, it could make you sick..."

Tarah said...

Oh RAE!!!! Yucky. The ketchup dipping I could do...
Maybe peak in every 10 minutes during nap time to see when she poops. Change her and talk about NOT touching it!!
What are you doing Wed??? You should call me! Ha, that are send me your phone number that I have stashed in a very secret place. Secret meaning- I have NO stinking clue where it is!!!!

Zandy said...


It's been a long time! I hope you are doing well. Matthias did this too and he smeared poop all over the walls and his crib! Yuck! I did start putting a onsie on under his pj's and he can't get to his diaper. Hope this helps!


andreawilliams said...

Maybe if you sent me some cheescake I would send you some help for you poo poo problem :)
Whne are you going to come back for a visit? We miss you!!

Anonymous said...

No advice, but have you had any of that good mushroom soup lately...that always makes me hungry when I think of you in that little restaurant! Love, Denise

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