The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014


I don't really like surprises. The truth is, I'm afraid of being disappointed. I know that makes me sound spoiled (Aaron would agree), but it's true (the disappointment part--I might argue a bit about being spoiled). Besides not liking them particularly, I have an uncanny habit of (accidentally, I might add) spoiling surprises. Sometimes I happen upon gifts (no, I am NOT spying or looking for gifts when I find them!); sometimes it's just because I know Aaron so well, and let's face it, he is a tish predictable (which actually helps mitigate the disappointments, truthfully).

So, a couple of weeks ago I walked in on Aaron while he was at the computer. "Get AWAY!!!! Don't come any closer! You can't see this!!!!"
Me: Uh.... What? What are you doing?
Him: I'm working on something. Don't look!
Me: Well what is it?
Him: (dripping with sarcasm) It's a SUUUR-PriiiiSE!
Me: Oh. What kind of surprise.
Him: A surprise surprise. Are you going to let me finish?
Me: Is it for me? Alright!! Whatever....So when are you going to tell me?
Him: In a few months.
Me: MONTHS!!! You can't keep a secret for months! Which month?
Him: GO AWAY!!!!!

A few days later he was looking at a brochure for safaris he ordered and glanced up at me. "Would you rather go on a safari like this or go to, say, Italy?"
Me: What for? Like for a romantic thing between you and me, Italy, hands down. For a fun thing with the kids, the safari.
Him: But, you always said you wanted to go for a safari.
Me: Yeah, but given you and romantic Italy versus chasing wild animals in a jeep? It's you, babe.
Him: Hmmm.

A few days after that...
Me: Are you taking me to Italy?! Is that your big surprise?!
Him: JERK!!! Why do you always do that?! Stop asking questions! I'm not telling you anything!
Me: Well, when are we going?
Him: I don't know yet. In the fall...
Me: When your parents are here?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Did you clear this with the boss-lady?
Him: Hmmph.

And, a few days after that...
Him: I had a big plan of how I was going to tell you.
Me: Oh? What was it?
Him: Well, since you spoiled it and I can't do it now, I guess I'll tell you. I was going to put the tickets in a card for our anniversary. I was going to be all like, "I forgot to get anything for our anniversary, but I got you this card!"
Me: You know you would have caved long before JULY, dear.
Him: Hmmph.

And then a few days later...
Him: Okay now. I'm SERIOUS. Lay off with all the questioning! You know you can weasel it all out of me, but I really, really, REALLY want to surprise you! Just this ONCE, okay?!
Me: (whining becomingly) C'mon. That's like impossible. I know there's a surprise--I must know what's going on.
Him: Honey. Really. Promise me.
Me: Mmmmmrrrgh. Okay.

And, so far, I haven't weaseled anything else out of him. Oh, except that I gave him some anti-disappointment tips and he assured me that his current plans are right on target!

Oh, and by the way, YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!! I'm going to Italy!!!!!


andreawilliams said...

Wahoo Italy! We went there a few years ago and I loved it!! Let me know your address and I will mail you all of our tour books.
Still missing your cheesecake... oh and your face!!

Tanya said...

Italy! How romantic! Tanya

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