The Five of Us, Spring 2014

The Five of Us, Spring 2014

Can It Be...

...chicken pox if it doesn't itch?

Punk has a rash. Mostly it's affecting his face and seems to have started there. It's worst around his mouth/chin and eyes. It's also on his abdomen and arms (underneath, like the super-white part where you can see your veins), and a little on his back. It's teeny-tiny bumps that were skin-colored, then pinkened, then reddened. All in the course of today. And there seem to be bumps in all three stages now. But, it doesn't bother him! It doesn't itch or hurt. He says it hurts a little when touched. And, no fever. No other symptoms.

I've been scouring the internet and can't figure it out. I gave him a Zyrtec at about 4 this afternoon. It's continued to worsen somewhat since then. I haven't heard of anyone having chicken-pox, but I don't know what else to think....

Update at kiddinkidink's bedtime...I'm convinced it is chicken pox. It's looking more and more like it as time goes by. The Punkster was vaccinated, so that's probably part of the lack of symptoms. I'm completely unsure whether Peapod was vaccinated. They shot every other possible innoculation into her within the past year, so I'm thinking that was included..??...

I'm so bummed we're going to have to stay home from school and the Fall Festival and our friend-dates. Grrrrr. Mama does not do well with isolation. :(


Kim R. said...

Do the red spots have little blisters in the middle? If so it's chicken pox. My kids started with red spots but no itching then the blisters started to appear. When the blisters burst the fluid causes the itching. If this is the case I recommend Aveeno Baby Bath treatment with Colloidal Oatmeal. Doesn't take the itch totally away but does give some relief. Be sure to keep the kids isolated for 14 days or until all the pox have scabbed over. Hope all goes well :0).

Eric and Pam said...

hey rachel -
all 4 of my kiddos had the chicken pox this past summer with the same exact symptoms. when i took them to the dr they said they had a milder version because of the vaccine.

hope that's what it is!

Tarah said...

Hey, they are saying that the chicken pox inoculation really doesn't work. hmmmm

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